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The Rules on Shaving Which Most Men Ignore

Getting up at 6am, showering and shaving daily is a great inconvenience to many young men. Whether you want to be clean shaven, sport a moustache of your liking or show off a stylish beard, you have to shave - if not daily, at least once every two or three days. A civilized man cannot neglect this act – a regular trim and tidy is very much needed in the work place. If you are the type of man who just takes up the razor and pulls it across your face and think everything is over, then you’re doing it wrong. Maybe you are sporting a long beard and believe you can safely skip the boring act of shaving. However, you will soon find out that’s not entirely right.

Male grooming products and services are plenty in the market and men are taking pride in their appearance – some are even opting for cosmetic surgery. Having realised the fact that shaving is a compulsory act to be done either daily or at least weekly, it’s best to know the tips and techniques of proper shaving.

Tips for Good Shaving

Take Sufficient Time - rushing through the act, which is the modern way of approach, is not recommended by physicians. Do the entire action in a relaxed, artistic manner. Preparing the skin by washing the face with facial cleansers is a healthy tip from dermatologists. This will make the facial hair soften. Of course, before rinsing the cleanser, it is better to leave it on the face for two to three minutes. 

Brush - gather maximum lather with the help of a brush. This is because the cream will be pushed into the hair easily and so that removing it will become much easier work. The type of brush used must have the ability to lift the hair and coat the cream. In addition, a single blade razor is more than sufficient than multi-blade razors. Assure the sharpness of the blade - blades must be changed every week or two if shaving often. Also note, straight razors are very difficult to handle and so it is better to avoid.

Hot and Cold - the next important tip is to maintain the skins moisture and keep it hot. This can be done with either a hot shower or with a hot wet towel. Afterwards, be sure to rinse the face with cold water to reduce inflammation and close the skins pores. It will also be very soothing for your skin. 

Go with Grain - always shave in the same direction that the hair grows in. Shaving in the opposite direction can give you razor burn, irritation and ingrown hairs - you've been warned

Though some ladies prefer men with their five o’ clock shadow on their face, it also must be kept in line and trimmed. Moreover, it will not suit all men. Always remember, softening the skin in the first stage not only smoothens, but also turns the shaving experience into a nice and healthy one.

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