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5 Male Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

We know that it’s not all about looks to get you places in life. In fact, without intelligence, drive and determination we would never get anywhere - but a well-groomed face certainly does go a long way in aiding what impression people will have of you. Un-groomed facial hair, bad skin and stray beards can all be a hindrance to getting that promotion. With a simple routine and the correct tools you can avoid these top grooming mistakes.

Poor Stubble 

Don’t get me wrong, I like a man with a stubble as much as the next woman. It’s proven that more women prefer the rugged look to a clean shaven face, but only if it is ‘pruned’ and kept neat. To do this you need to keep the edges of your beard and moustache tidy and remove any stray hairs which begin to creep out at the corners - this will instantly give you a sharp clean look.

Disheveled Beard & Moustache 

Just like designer stubble, beards and moustaches need to be kept orderly. There is nothing wrong with sporting a long beard or fancy moustache, however this can represent bad hygiene and lack of care in your appearance. Remember to moisturise your beard with oils and keep it trimmed at the ends. Unkempt facial hair will just give you a messy appearance as opposed to rugged.

Nose & Ear Hair 

When looking for a potential partner we notice the finer details in people because we look for them. Nose and ear hair is not a detail women want to be presented with on a man. Particularly if you are taller because she’ll easily notice those stray nose hairs even more. It really doesn’t take much time or effort to maintain this - all of 30 seconds to give them a trim.

Neck & Back Hair 

With almost any kind of haircut you will need the nape of your neck straightened up. Granted you can’t see what the barber is up to at the back of your neck when you’re engrossed in your mobile and sipping on a beer, but make sure he shaves this area to keep your cut fresh and sharp. Another grooming rule to consider is your back hair (if you’re unlucky enough to have these gene). Don’t let it creep up and over your shirt collar – and if your back hairs are on the furry side, book yourself in for a wax, you’ll be surprised how many men do this.

Skincare & Eyebrows

Let’s begin with the eyebrows, this is a very important part of anyone’s face. Again, grooming this doesn’t take long - just make sure you have a definitive shape but not too feminine. Pluck those extra hairs in the middle to prevent a monobrow and remove any strays that could detract attention away from your eyes - the eyes are one of the first features we notice in a person. Lastly, you should generally take care of your skin. If you’re short for time you should at the very least be moisturising regularly and drinking enough water, it’ll keep you looking fresh-faced and youthful.


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