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A New Skincare Innovation by JorgObé

Founded in Copenhagen in 2010, founders Nicklas and Dan wanted to create innovative and effective products which didn’t contain the unnecessary chemical additives which can be harsh on our skin. With just a small number of products; a scrub mask, peel mask and white tea balancing cream, their skincare routine is really quick and easy to adopt.

The most interesting fact is that their unique Original Black peel off mask aims to enable you to have clearer and blackhead free skin without the use of parabens, mineral oils, silicone, colours and paraffin - which can be found in many skin care products. In order to test its effectiveness when JorgObe first released their products they gave it out in 10ml bags, within just a few months there was a production of 10,000 ready to sell due to demand.

Shortly after the product was released into the market, it became the ‘Best New Product’ at the Grooming Awards, as well as recognised by Elle and other reputable fashion and beauty magazines. Their aim with this product is to unclog blocked pores and reduce oily skin, for example, on the T-zone (foreheard, nose and chin) area of the face. Leaving an oily effect, using this product can reduce the amount of sebum your skin produces while removing black heads and blocked pores.

JorgObe recommend, like all masks, to use after their scrub to peel away any dead skin, while exfoliating will open the pores, allowing the peel off mask to be more effective. This only takes a few minutes to do and can be completed once or twice a week. Using the peel is really simple, it contains natural ingredients that become active when released to create a ‘magnet’ effect to get deep into the skin and unclog those pores. Simply place it on your hand and place over the face in the oily areas, across the forehead, nose and chin and leave it for 25-30 minutes (let the products do their magic). Following this use a toner to close up the pores to keep away any dirt and moisturise to keep the skin fresh.

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