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Career Talk with TV Host & Style Expert Prince Cassius

He was GQ’s Most Stylish Man of the week, fashion reporter at E! Online and has now taken on a promising role at the Huffington Post. Menswear Style talks to Prince Cassius about fashion, education and his top tips on climbing the career ladder.

It’s often said that to be successful you have to put yourself first… do you think there is truth in that? 

“I certainly think so! I'm a firm believer that you should put yourself first, then success will follow. The concept of self-love is very important in any industry. This helps you to build strength, be thick skinned and to love yourself.”

Illustration by The Style Drawer
Illustration by The Style Drawer

You’ve got great style - with features in Vogue, ES Magazine and Rolling Stone to name but a few. What are your thoughts on dressing for success? Do you think dressing well can get you closer to your goals? 

“Indeed, in job-hunting first impressions are critical. It’s probably one of the most overused phrases when searching for a job. Sometimes people are given an opportunity simply because they made a statement by the way they dressed - which made them memorable.” 

After a multitude of impressive roles – including reporting red carpet looks at the Oscars, judging on Russia’s Next Top Model, and most recently hosting the London College of Style Exhibition - in the space of only a few years you’ve had to harbour a number of skills. How important do you think it is to be multi-skilled? 

“These days you really have to have a number of skills under your belt or people won't recognise you. For example, I started off as a full time blogger. Whilst working on my blog posts, and perfecting my writing I then started to DJ. I was being offered to play at some of the best fashion events – which later lead me to practice the craft and getting a DJ agent. Finally, I moved into the world of TV due to the demand and the offers I was getting. Although, this was initially what I wanted in the first place, I had to study a Masters in Acting to perfect my work.”

Prince Cassius x Ted Baker collaboration
Prince Cassius x Ted Baker collaboration

Education is often a hot topic of debate within creative industries. You just mentioned you’ve studied at University level. Do you believe you need an education to reach your goals? 

“I personally don't think you always need education to be successful. I mean times have changed. We live in a digital world and anyone can be successful - there's plenty of talent such as reality TV personalities, bloggers and socialites. Education is key long term because it’s something you can always fall back on.” 

Can you share some career advice with us? 

“Sure. Always remember how valuable you are working in a particular job. Set yourself goals every 3 months e.g. career, aims and ambitions. Network - this is highly crucial to any job sector, and finally, never give up. Follow your dreams no matter what.”

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