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The 10 Commandments Of Going Bald Gracefully

It’s not easy to accept that your beloved barnet is going into early retirement but at some point most of us will experience the dreaded male pattern baldness in some way, shape or form. Contrary to what you may think at first though, the best course of action is probably not to wear a hat for the rest of your life, and actually shedding a bit of fluff really isn’t that bad if you just learn to embrace it.

If you follow these 10 simple rules then you can save face, retain your confidence and possibly even have one up on your hairier mates.

Jasan Statham
Jasan Statham

1: Thou shalt not live in denial 

Chances are that if you’re in your early years of hair-loss, you’ve probably tricked yourself into thinking that you should cling onto your last little wispy tuft for as long as possible, and you may have even convinced yourself it looks ok. You shouldn’t and it doesn’t. 

2: Thou shalt invest in some good quality clippers 

How much would you usually spend on haircuts in a year? We’re guessing probably more than £50. Well not anymore.

3: Thou shalt bite the bullet and shave it off 

It might be a shock at first but if you’re feeling down after you’ve done it, just have a shower, get ready, take note of how long that process takes and then walk out of the front door laughing with an extra 15 minutes in hand. It's also worth knowing that Jasan Statham is engaged to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.   

4: Remember never to comb-over 

Do we really need to explain why? What is a potential partner going to choose? The confident bald guy with his head held high or the guy hiding himself from the world underneath a few wispy strands of hair like Irving Rosenfeld in American Hustle?

American Hustle
American Hustle

5: Honour thy beard 

Just because you can’t have hair on the top of your head it doesn’t mean that you can’t have hair on your head at all. Experiment with some facial hair. Even a bit of well-kept stubble can help to balance out your new look. 

6: Thou shalt try out some summer headwear 

Few things look less cool than a sunburnt head, not to mention how painful it is. Try out a few different styles and see what works for you. You’ll be thanking yourself in the warmer months.

7: Thou shalt not become dependent on your headwear 

Yeah, a hat can be a good option from time to time but don’t let yourself become known as ‘that guy who always wears the hat’. You’re head needs some space to breathe! 

8: Thou shalt use it as motivation to get in shape 

If going bald is getting you down then why don’t you channel that into something positive and improve another aspect of your appearance. Get into a good routine of exercise and healthy eating habits. The confidence your hair gave you is nothing compared to how good it feels to be lean and healthy.

9: Thou shalt not waste your money on pills and potions 

Q. What’s worse than losing your hair? - A. Losing your hair and also spending hundreds of pounds in vain on trying to keep it. Just be confident with what you’ve been dealt and know that no remedy out there is worth your cash. Look how expensive the products below are - if there really were a miracle cure, you’d know about it. 

10: Thou shalt just get over it! 

Honestly, once you can just embrace it you’ll never look back. Can you even imagine Zinedine Z idane with hair? The freedom a shaved head can bring you is a wonderful thing. You’ll save money, gain confidence, save countless hours getting ready and will never again experience a bad hair day. Really, what’s not to like about that?

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