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The Fashionable Man vs The Stylish Man

When in discussions with like-minded people about the definition of style vs fashion, the answer seems to have become watered down - but we truly believe there is a significant difference. Very few men in our opinion can be classified as ‘stylish’ while there are much more men who can be considered ‘fashionable’.

So, what's the difference?

The differences between the two can be distinguished by small elements, starting with those who conform to the powers of the fashion world around them, and those who don’t. What defines someone (man or woman) as fashionable is ultimately down to society and if your clothing matches current fashion trend movements. Trends are evolutionary, they are constantly morphing and more so now than any other time within the industry. High-end brands will change these every six months during fashion weeks, while some high-street and e-commerce stores bring new collections out as often as weekly. Fashion can make us feel congested, we are regularly being told what we should and shouldn’t be wearing.


Should you break the rules?

On the contrary, not conforming to these fashion rules is where style comes into play. Rules should be broken to evoke true style because authentic style pushes boundaries. Although nobody is going to tell us what is right and wrong when it comes to clothing, why do we go into panic mode when something we are wearing is no longer seen as ‘in’? Wearing what is considered fashionable is a means to an end to obey what is placed in front of us, which doesn’t necessarily execute great style.

Ted Baker AW16
Ted Baker AW16

Creating your own style

Men are often a little apprehensive when it comes to creating a certain style for themselves. Some men fear that shopping and taking care of appearance is for women, however it’s far from the truth. Creating your own style is your identity that says "this is who I am"; regardless of occasion or state of dress. However you look at it, a significant difference is that being fashionable distracts our attention because the emphasis is on the clothes, whereas style puts emphasis on the person as self-expression.

Jaspal SS16
Jaspal SS16

Seek inspiration

Wherever you may find inspiration, whether it be on Instagram or through a series of magazines or fashion blogs, it’s easy to get wrapped up into wanting the latest clothing releases. However, this is unattainable - some garments may not suit your body type, or just may not be appropriate to you, nonetheless being the stylish man will utilise the best of you. Fashion can crumble at self-esteem, defining a difference between who you are and where you should be while creating comparisons to those around us.

Moss Bros. SS16
Moss Bros. SS16

As YSL once said "fashion fades, style is eternal", classic and timeless dressing allows you to be dynamic in everyday life, because you’ll always feel comfortable in the way you dress, which I can guarantee will work wonders for your confidence.

Rakelle Maurici

With a thirst for exploration and over 10 years of writing experience, Rakelle is a keen fashion, travel and culture storyteller. Her work, from city guides to short stories, has been featured in both global print and digital media.

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