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Interview with Eoin Cooney of Slaint

Luxury men’s accessory brand, Slaint are one of the few in the luggage market who have been able to make a connection between luxury fashion and technology, whilst finding a balance between aesthetic and function. Eoin Cooney founded the company in 2015 having spent 14 years in the industry and is currently their Creative & Managing Director. We recently spoke with him about the ethos behind his luxury creations and the success of his brand to date.

Firstly, how would you describe the overview of the brand? 

“Slaint is the world’s first technology enhanced luxury brand. It was created to bridge the gap between the luxury fashion and technology industries. We have created unique, beautiful products that incorporate technology in a way that enhances the user's day to day life.”

What does heritage mean to the brand and wow do you plan to move the brand forward? 

“I think brands with heritage have an easier time selling products because they can leverage that heritage for marketing purposes. Heritage also implies quality and craftsmanship which are both beneficial qualities. The downside is that they are restrained in terms of what they can do - if they want to maintain their heritage image. New brands have a harder time selling products and conveying quality and craftsmanship but they have the freedom to be far more innovative and the emphasis is on the products which I think is a good thing.” 

You combine quality, style and practicality in your work. What do you think is the most important element? 

“I would say quality, style and functionality - in that order. Without quality your product is worthless, without style your products is boring and without functionality your product is useless.”

That being said, Slaint have created their own style. Do you base any of your creations around movements in fashion? 

“Not really. I would be lying if I said we haven’t been influenced by anything, but we are trying to create classic timeless pieces that will stand the test of time rather than surfing the newest wave of trends. The technology on the other hand has to stay current or the product becomes redundant.” 

What makes Slaint different? 

“We are striving to combine functionality, style and quality into a single product. We don’t want customers to have to compromise one of these elements in favour for another. Most products on the market have one or two of these elements but ours have all three.”

What are your bestsellers?

"Our bestseller to date is the Black Arroe Briefcase. It stands out because of the design but it is also versatile and understated. In the future we want to add many new products, backpacks, women’s bags and a more casual range to start with.”


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