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Discover MOSCOT New York City

On Orchard Street in the Lower East Side of New York City, there’s a particular store where just entering gives one a feeling of passing through a time warp. The interior is dark wood and has exposed brick walls, and the counter doubles as a display case with a crystal top, exactly like one would expect it to be should it be 1910. We are in MOSCOT, one of the most iconic eyewear establishments in New York City. Beginning in a pushcart at the turn of the century, Eastern European immigrant Hyman Moscot founded a family business and brand that has thrived for generation after generation for more than 100 years.

What makes this eyewear brand absolutely special is that each model is designed and prototyped and each frame carefully handcrafted and inspected in MOSCOT’s New York labs. On their hip and interactive website, you can learn which frame is most appropriate to your face’s shape and the correct position that your eyes should have when framed by eyeglasses. MOSCOT also has a very unique shopping approach, too. Avoiding the typical 'Men/Women' categories, they let each customer choose the frame of his or her liking in absolute gender-blind browsing.

Their 'Originals' collection is a step back in time with classic designs spanning the 40s through the 70s. The frames are what Hollywood royalty once wore to hide from both the paparazzi and the bright California sun. American Presidents are represented, too - the Vilda Sun model is pure FDR. MOSCOT hasn’t thrived after all these years without striving to be current. Their 'Spirit' collection has a definite modern vibe without losing classic design characteristics.

Illustration: Stefano Imbert
Illustration: Stefano Imbert

But don’t be fooled by this brand’s vintage throwback touch. MOSCOT’s designs have a timeless feel that makes each model classic and current at the same time. When wearing one of their eyewear models you are sure to make a statement and will definitely feel like a true movie star. 

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