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A Man’s Guide to Wearing Earrings

The earring, whether a hoop or a simple stud, it's often a forgotten about accessory for men. Jewellery isn’t designed just for women so men shouldn’t feel as though they can’t spend in this department also. An important factor to remember is what your day-to-day style is like and if these pieces of jewellery will compliment your look.

Here are some options of men’s earrings with advice on how you can incorporate them into your daily style whilst clearing up any preconceptions you might have. For example; in some cultures men wearing earrings is associated with rebels, but that also depends on how they are worn. More men wear earrings today as a way to express some personality into their style.

The Earring Design 

Although there is no significant difference between a formal and informal earring, some designs look more elegant than others. It’s important when wearing earrings in a formal setting not to draw attention to just your earrings alone - the aim of accessorising should be to add to your outfit and not be the focal point. In this case you want to avoid anything too ‘sparkly’ or with a diamond (keep it simple). Generally earrings look good when in a casual setting – worn with a button up shirt or t-shirt with a leather jacket. For this kind of look you can wear a small hoop in matte silver or alternatively a black stud so that it’s not so distracting or too ‘blingy’.

Social Setting 

If you do want to try and wear earrings in a more formal environment, think about the type of suit you’ll be wearing. Is it a regular black tie, a tuxedo or dress occasion? If so, leave the earrings at home. But perhaps it would work with a teal suit, tartan check or suit separates and a waistcoat chain - a subtle set of earrings could well be a great finishing touch here.

How to Style 

So with this in mind, like any accessory, it should be in tandem to your outfit. If you want earrings with a splash of colour keep these for a sports luxe look. Pay attention to sizing too - earrings should be proportionate to your body, ear and head size, although almost always kept fairly small. Another question often asked about men’s earrings is “how many to wear?” There is no right or wrong answer here, but one is sufficient and sometimes two can look over the top. Wearing more than this will mislead your style and can be considered ‘punk’.

When shopping for earrings it can be a little tricky to find ones which aren’t gimmicky, however places such as ASOS, Topman and River Island have impressive ranges of on-trend male jewellery - just ensure you’re able to wear non-silver before buying or you may end up with a green ear and nasty reaction.

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