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5 Sports Supplements You Need to Start Using

If your aim is to build a great physique you must ensure you take a multi-faceted approach, which incorporates structured training and a disciplined, sustainable nutrition programme. Further to this there is also the topic of supplementation; by no means the be-all and end-all of the goal, but nevertheless, definitely something that can help facilitate the goal. I have therefore put together a list of 5 sports supplements that should be added to your daily dietary regime.

Whey Protein

Arguably the most important and the most common of sports supplements. Whey protein allows you to bridge a crucial gap if your protein intake via food is not sufficient. If the goal is to add lean muscle tissue, you should aim to consume around 2g of protein per kg of bodyweight. If you are not meeting this requirement then a scoop of whey protein here and there can go a long way. Due to the fast acting nature of whey protein, it is best to consume this supplement immediately after you have finished training.

Creatine Monohydrate

When you perform high intensity exercise, such as weight training, your body uses a unit of energy called ATP (adenosine tri-phosphate), which once spent loses a phosphate molecule and becomes ADP (adenosine di-phosphate). Creatine enables the body to re-synthesize ADP into ATP, meaning the muscle can perform at a higher intensity for longer bouts of time. The effects of this adaptation can be significant - as this forms, the additional stimulous triggers muscle growth. Aim to use creatine monohydrate for 1 month at a time, pre-loading by consuming 20g for the first 4 days and 5g there-after.

Chromium picolinate

Several studies have identified the benefits of chromium, which includes aiding with glucose regulation and enhanced glucose utilisation. These effects lead to weight loss, improvements to all round body composition and general health due to reduced insulin secretion over a prolonged period.

Casein Protein

Adding lean muscle tissue requires a regular supply of protein (amino acids) in order for the muscle to be able to recover, repair and grow. One time in the day where fasting is an inevitability and the muscles become susceptible to catabolism (being broken down) is when you sleep. Casein protein - unlike whey protein - is a slow release protein that allows your muscles to receive a 'drip feed' supply of amino acids whilst you sleep, further aiding growth of the muscle. Based on this, consume casein at night-time prior to going to sleep and any other periods in the day where fasted periods are inevitable.

Green Tea

A by-product of exercise is inflammation and free radical accumulation, which can lead to issues including injury and illness respectively. Green tea is packed full of flavanoids and catechins, which enable the body to protect itself against infection and cellular damage, which can lead to wrinkles; cancers and poor muscle recovery.


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