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Trade Union Opens in London

Trade Union is a completely new collaboration of some of London’s most exciting lifestyle brands; speciality coffeehouse Vagabond, male grooming brand Drakes of London and florist Maua London. Situated on Thomas More Square, between St Katharine’s Docks and the new London Docks landmark development, Trade Union will be a grown up playground for discerning Londoners who want more from their eating and drinking experience. They even have an industrial slide undulating from the balcony that oversees the entire an impressive 6,700 square foot of space.

Now I'm not totally down with the lingo but I'm told that Trade Union offers something called mobile office ‘hot-desking’ with Wi-Fi & charging ports. A vibrant hub for local workers, weekend brunchers and nightlife devotees. Anything to get away from that guy in Starbucks who takes up a table of four with his laptop and one Chai Tea Latte that he nurses for 2 hours.

Trade Union’s cocktail bar will serve a seasonally changing menu that offers all the classics alongside modern favourites and signature creations. Trade Union’s pizza counter Bushwick Pizza Co. will serve up a selection of oven-fresh sourdough pizzas with delicious artisanal toppings and gluten-free options. I enjoyed the vastness, the variety and the relaxed atmosphere. No astronomical prices and there’s even a welcoming communal area in the square should the weather permit you to drink your cocktail outside.

These partnerships within Trade Union offer a range of exciting interactive packages, including traditional pizza rolling, coffee and cocktail masterclasses and florist workshops. It's also situated in the gorgeous surroundings of Thomas More Square, with sweeping vistas of the Thames harbour. This works well for a romantic fanciful date, or pragmatically for a business meeting. Grab a quick shave whilst you're there, or a quick coffee with a friend, some pizza, a few Mojitos and pick up a couple of carnations to surprise the missus when you get home.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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