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In Conversation with Adam Gore of Barberology

Birmingham based Barbers Barberology take pride in offering the best quality service with a touch of uniqueness. They were awarded with Barber of the Year for 2016 and they strive to have the best expertise in the industry. With close competition from hair salons across the world they are without doubt the best barbers in Birmingham. We spoke with Adam Gore, Founder and Chief Barber of Barberology about why they are a cut above the rest.

How is Barberology different than other barber shops? 

“Barberology from the get go has stood out as the barbershop with an original feel. We offer many ‘real barber’ services such as hot towel shaves, perfect haircuts and amazing beard sculpting, but we also offer specialist procedures such as non-surgical hair replacement and colouring in our VIP rooms. It’s not just about the services we offer; the shop is a man’s domain where he can feel at home with friends and have a drink and a chat - the perfect hideout from the real world.”

Why an Italian style method and what inspired this? 

“The Italian shave process really focuses on luxury and what is best for the skin, this method ensures the customer leaves the chair feeling like they’ve had the best treatment possible; that pampered, fresh skin sensation lasts for days after as well. Who doesn’t like a full steam and fragranced hot towel with the best products and immaculate cutthroatmanship?” 

You say the staff are trained to a high standard - what does this involve? 

“All of our staff have a wealth of experience and shop floor hours, as well as different experiences outside of the shop walls which enable high standards. We frequently do show work with the biggest names in the industry at trade shows which is great for maintaining a high standard. It’s also really important to us to ensure all members of the team have that friendly barbershop attitude so that we can engage effectively with our customers.”

What do you think it was that set you aside to win the Barber of the Year Award? 

“Being nominated was a really nice surprise but then winning felt like such an amazing achievement. I think that being put forward for this award and then winning was due to our love for the ‘real barber’ revolution, where customers come into our shop and are the centre of attention. I think our Instagram and Facebook accounts have caught the attention of a lot of people; through social media and recommendations from existing customers anyone who comes into our shop knows that we can really pull whatever they’re hoping to achieve out of the bag.”

What plans do you have for the future? 

“We’ve got a lot of show work coming up which we’re looking forward to, as well as some other very exciting plans; we’ve got something big in the pipeline for this year with Selfridges Birmingham… full details to be revealed very soon! We are constantly finding more and more talent to bring on board and are pleased to be introducing even more expertise and great personalities to the team.” 

Lastly, what trends do you see up and coming in the men’s hair and grooming industry this year? 

“We can see hair getting a lot longer but with a very low, smooth taper around the perimeter. Also full crops are on the rise and dare I say it, the soft style curtains are making a return.”


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