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Discover Nanogen Hair Thickening Products

Hair care company Nanogen have been combining their own scientific research to produce a range of hair thickening products for over ten years. As a leading hair care company they have vast knowledge and experience in creating products to help both men and women who suffer from hair thinning and hair loss with lasting results

Many men experience hair thinning and hair loss in their 20s and 30s, and prevention is truly better than searching for a cure. Their thickening treatment shampoo and conditioner supports hair thickness whilst giving you strength and shine. Their products are all filled with proteins and amino acids to aid health and growth. Along with their shampoo and conditioner, they also offer hair growth serum which is dermatogically tested. The serum is intense whilst being lightweight to help maintain the hair’s natural growth as well as restoring the hair’s moisture keeping it free from damage and further breakage.

As treatment products take some time to see results, Nanogen have a quicker fix in place. As preferred by top make-up and celebrity stylists, Nanogen are leading the way as a hair loss concealer brand. If applied carefully it looks very discreet too – in fact, someone you know probably already uses it, but they’re just not telling you. In this range you can choose from Keratin hair thickening spray which merges into your own hair for natural thickness that lasts all day. Alternatively, Keratin thickening hair fibres is like magic dust for your hair that cleverly binds together to give it a natural thickness. Their hair fibre locking spray holds hair fibres in place all day, even under water. Finally, Aquamatch waterproof scalp concealer blends scalp and hair colour together to conceal thinning hair, scares and wide partings.

Created in the UK, these products are used worldwide for both men and women. While our hair is important to us all, hair loss and thinning can be something we may all get self-conscious about at some point in our lives. At least it’s good to know we have a few options to keep it at bay and give us some confidence to leave the house comfortably.


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