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Oliver Sweeney Launches AW16 Clothing Collection

Oliver Sweeney is all about taking the traditional and making it modern. Founded in Britain in 1989, they've been making shoes great for over 25 years. Taking inspiration from around the world and filtering it through a British lens, they source the highest quality materials to craft shoes, clothing and accessories that reflect their customers’ individuality, flair and success. At Oliver Sweeney, obsession is infectious.

When you’ve made footwear for over 25 years, you can imagine they feel confident knowing how a great pair of shoes looks and feels. Each season, they’ve created a collection to reflect their customers’ lifestyle and unique style. They grow with their consumer base and their opinions strongly define their work. When there was a call to develop and ‘complete’ the Sweeney look beyond their current footwear, outerwear and accessories lines, Oliver Sweeney's Cobbler-in-Chief took on a new challenge – clothing.

Autumn/Winter 2016 season sees the brand's first dedicated clothing range. From Merino wool knitwear to relaxed tailoring, selvedge denim shirts to technical parkers and waterproof jackets, the collection is filled with classic and vintage designs crafted by a few of the world’s finest artisans. Each style is a commitment to transforming model traditions into modern trends. No piece was designed or crafted without considering the rest of the collection, an important element for our Cobbler-in-Chief, Tim Cooper: “Taking on clothing was no easy feat. It was something that we had considered doing for a while but something we could only do if we got it exactly right. I’m incredibly proud of the collection – the fabrics, the techniques used, the artisans we worked with – everything felt completely natural. It was definitely time for the Oliver Sweeney collection to grow and develop.”

The Oliver Sweeney Autumn/Winter 2016 clothing collection will be available in stores and online from mid-August 2016.

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