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TW Steel Grandeur Sport Collection

Yamaha Factory Racing’s position as an icon in the MotoGP World Championship makes it a perfect partner for TW Steel. A burning desire to be the best and a no compromise attitude for high quality materials are shared values that add strength to the partnership. TW Steel has the confidence to stand proud and reflect their partner’s drive to succeed in a world of racing where every second counts and every move is watched by millions.

TW Steel has been the proud Timing Partner of the Yamaha MotoGP team for three years now. Home of living legend Valentino Rossi and world champion Jorge Lorenzo, these are the fastest men in the world. To celebrate the team's dominating 2015 season, the popular watch label has decided to create a brand new range of watches for them: the Yamaha Factory Racing Grandeur Sport collection.

The fastest men in the world deserve a timepiece to match their prestige and full force lifestyles. The all-new Grandeur Sport Collection sets up on the top step of the podium. Celebrating Yamaha Factory Racing’s dominance in MotoGP, the new collection is worthy of nothing less than champions.

Here we’ve tested the Black 46mm GS2 model which certainly stands out with its full factory racing materials and construction. It’s bold with a carbon fibre dial featuring YZR-M1 logo, elevated chrono eyes, rubber strap and aluminium bezel. Take in the champion spirit with this all-new Yamaha Factory Racing Grandeur Sport timepiece.

Last year, the team won the Triple Crown: the championship for the best rider, best team and best manufacturer. This level of excellence suits TW Steel and we’re sure it’ll match your style as well. The successful partnership between the Dutch watch brand and the elite racing team is all about the shared passion for speed, design and performance.

The Grandeur Sport model is created from scratch. This Yamaha Factory Racing collection comes in two sizes - 42mm and 46mm - and two colours - black and blue. Each model sports an aluminum bezel, a state–of–the–art movement and a genuine rubber strap. Made from carbon fibre, the dial features elevated chrono rings and the M1 logo on the dial to communicate the true champion spirit.

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