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Puma Recruits Young Thug for AW16 Campaign

This season, PUMA puts the limelight on a young roster of tastemakers currently making waves in the music and entertainment arena. Today they are keeping the sneaker culture interesting and alive with their unique sense of style. These tastemakers influenced by icons before them, are now the ones inspiring a new generation of millennials in the world of street style. In addition to their craft, they use their unique style as a means to express themselves.

One artist making a big noise in the rap game influenced by hip-hop legends before his time is Young Thug. Always remixing and revamping the old with the new, Young Thug plays it cool in PUMA Classics keeping it surprisingly understated. His outlandish personality and eccentricity has taken a backseat in this new campaign with PUMA. Made up of matching velour tracksuits, tees, hoodies and bombers, each look is complimented with a sneaker icon – the PUMA Suede, G. Vilas and Sneakerboot.

“You can never go wrong with classics and big ups to PUMA for keeping the sneaker legacy alive. I pay my respects to the legends by rockin’ their tunes and their kicks. Like one legend says, in this great future, we can’t forget the past,” says Young Thug. 

PUMA Classics have endured a great run and garnered a cool reputation in the sports and street lifestyle arena. These icons continue to be favourites of today’s sneaker loving generation. Since its debut in 1968, the PUMA Suede has become a benchmark for footwear design made famous by athletic greats - 60s trackstar Tommie Smith and 70s basketball legend Walt "Clyde" Frazier. The Suede hit new levels of fame during the 80s dawn of b-boys and hip hop beats, taking over New York City blocks. The G. Vilas first debuted on the clay courts worn by its namesake, the Young Bull of the Pampas, Guillermo Vilas, who went on a title winning rampage in the late 70s. Since then it’s become a go-to court style for style savants and sneaker enthusiasts everywhere.

In recognition of the past, PUMA tapped legendary New York City street photographer Jamel Shabazz to photograph Young Thug around Bed-stuy in Brooklyn. Continuing the street style sartorial approach that he’s been known for, the output is as OG as it can get. Seeing a young breed of tastemakers and creators like Young Thug styling the Suede gives the iconic sneaker a fresh perspective. We can only be sure that the Suede will continue to transcend cultural trends and generations in the coming years.

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