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A Guide to Flip Flops and Sliders

Dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, the easy and comfortable summer shoe serves its purpose to all of us, keeping our feet cool during the hotter months. The modern flip flip originates from Japan and became popular post World War II by the Americans. The name is pretty self-explanatory in that they come from the sound they make whilst walking. While most styles have stayed relatively the same throughout the years - such as popular Havaianas and sliders - those fashion savvy men amongst us have taken influence from the designer catwalks and their interpretation on how they believe we could wear them today.

Rubber Sliders 

The style commonly follows suit with the Y-strap that runs between the toes, however rubber sliders have since become more popular, and oddly enough are sometimes worn with socks - the casual beach shoe is less informal than what they once were. The most popular of brands are Adidas which I am sure we have all seen poolside somewhere across our sunny travels. These have been adapted to be worn with swim shorts as well as with smart casual looks teamed with denim and chambray garments.


Flip Flops  

As previously mentioned, Brazil’s Havaianas are arguably the most popular brand when it comes to beach flip flops. They are comfortable and durable, and these were inspired by Japanese zori which are made from straw - while the word comes from the Portuguese word for ‘Hawaiians’. Alternatively, Orlebar Brown make styles perfect for the beach with a touch of colour and comfort. Since these are beach favourites they are naturally styled best with swim shorts, a plain tee or vest and chunky framed sunglasses.


Leather Sliders  

If you’re the type of gentleman who likes to feel casual even in those summer formal occasions, then leather will be your friend this season. From regular leather flip flops to double strap and cork soles, these will be the most durable and versatile of open summer shoes. You can opt for trusty brand Birkenstocks or something more modern such as Dr Martens’ plait leather slide ons. These styles are ideal to wear with chinos or denim shorts, paired with a polo or button down shirt.

Dr Martens
Dr Martens


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