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The Do’s and Don’ts of Modern Day Manscaping

The modern manscaping man may be a rarer creature than his predecessors. The term “manscaping” was previously used to describe shaving below the belt. However, in modern times the definition has changed. We caught up with Wesley Oaks from iManscape to find out more, and to understand the ultimate do’s and don’ts. Modern manscapers engage in a variety of body and hair grooming rituals. From head to toe there’s scarcely an area that can’t be manscaped in some form. The modern manscaper cares about their overall appearance, not just below the belt. He is focused on putting his best foot forward and looking and feeling his very best.

Whether or not you choose to go “Full Monty” with your manscaping is up to you. Here’s the secret: there are no set rules. However, if you are new to manscaping there are a few guidelines that may help you get started. These do’s and don’ts are general tips that will help ease you into the world of manscaping if you aren’t otherwise experienced.

The Do’s 

DO use the right tool for the job. There are a variety of body groomers and razors that are made specifically for manscaping. Especially if you are shaving areas of your body you’re unfamiliar with, it’s important to have the right tool for the job.

DO manscape in the shower. Not only does this help when cleaning up, it also prepares your body for shaving. The hot water and steam from the shower opens your pores which in turn allows for a smoother, more comfortable shave that is less prone to irritation.

DO trim your hair first. If you are planning on shaving your chest, arms, or legs for the first time, trim the area with scissors first. The longer and thicker this hair is, the harder it is to shave. The harder it is to shave, the more passes you will need to make with the razor which leads to irritation and ingrown hairs. 

DO use a post-shave lotion. The proper way to apply a soothing lotion post-shave is by rinsing the shaved area with warm water first, followed by cold water and then your lotion. The warm water rinses shaving cream and loose hairs from your pores while the cold water closes your pores so you aren’t clogging them with the lotion.

The Don’ts  

DON’T forget your nose and eyebrows. These areas are prime for manscaping and are often neglected by men during regular grooming.

DON’T shave against the grain of your hair. The same rules that apply for face shaving apply here. Especially when starting out, your skin isn’t used to be shaving and is more prone to irritation. For most men, shaving with the grain means in a downward motion.

DON’T forget your nails. Modern manscapers do more than shave hair. They also take the time to keep their finger and toenails clean, neat, and trim. Gentlemen, women notice these things so you would do wise to notice them first.

DON’T Rush. Especially when shaving sensitive areas for the first time. Make sure your hand is steady and you use slow, even strokes. Pull loose skin tight to create a flat surface (yes, we mean “down there”). Slow and steady definitely wins this race.

There are no set rules for manscaping. At the end of the day, the modern manscaper takes pride in his appearance and takes the time to keep himself looking and feeling his best. We’re confident that once you venture into the manscaping waters, you’ll wonder how you ever swam without it.

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