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Photography by Gemma Boyle

Become Unstoppable with Visa Using Android Pay

A challenge recently came our way which involved 3 hours of shopping, with the aim to create three different autumn looks. “Not too difficult”, our Editor-in-Chief remarked. However, the small detail to pay attention to in this challenge was the fact that it was with Visa using Android Pay. Would paying this way slow him down or make him feel unstoppable?

“I’m not the biggest fan of high-street shopping, especially on a Saturday – it’s usually chaotic and stressful. I’m one to get clothes delivered to my house, but I stepped up to the challenge anyway. I thought of it as a fitness session, running from one shop to another. It’ll have its benefits. It’ll be fun I thought.” – Craig Landale, Editor-in-Chief, MenswearStyle.

Oliver Sweeney
Oliver Sweeney

Visa wanted to see how much could be achieved in one day paying only with Visa using Android Pay. We were challenged to find 3 autumn styles in just 3 hours, then the rest of the day was for doing something a little more relaxing. Craig chose 9:30am as the official start time so he could get an early morning yoga session in to relax the mind before the starting whistle was blown. It also meant he could visit the majority of the shops before peak times. 


“An early morning yoga session with my wife at Frame in Shoreditch kicked off at 8am. I needed to prepare my body for the day. Frame lets you pay by the individual class rather than committing you to a monthly membership too. After this I wasted a bit of time browsing a nearby art print sale whilst I waited for kick-off”



“I’m a man of planning and preparation so I headed to Mast Brothers which is just around the corner from Frame to pick up two chocolate bars and a hot chocolate. This would act as fuel to keep me going throughout the day. After this it was a fast walk towards the Old Truman Brewery to visit independent menswear store Number Six where I picked up a nice Levi’s t-shirt.” 


“I hopped on a bus towards One New Change to save time. There’s lots of clothing stores here so I knew I could make good progress. If you ever visit this shopping complex be sure to take the lift up to the roof for what is arguably the best view of St Pauls Cathedral in London. I picked up a pair of trousers in H&M, a t-shirt in Reiss and a pocket square in Hackett.”

Mast Brothers
Mast Brothers


“I jumped onto the Central Line and headed towards Regent Street. So far I was unstoppable but I knew this would be the area which could break me. I went straight to Zara and found some great trousers followed quicky by a black umbrella at Moss. I then swung by Oliver Sweeney on Conduit Street where I picked up a stylish pair of socks and was almost lured in by a stunning pair of white trainers, but decided they were a purchase for another day”


“It’s becoming super busy and I’m getting the fear. I’m in tourist shopping heaven. Bershka catches my eye and I see a splendid grey jumper on a window mannequin – jackpot. With just 15mins left I make a beeline for one of my favourite menswear independents; Oi Polloi, where I bag a Barbour scarf for £28.”



“I’m exhausted, but I did it. I have plenty of new garments and accessories which I can complement with a few of my own wardrobe staples at home to make 3 great autumn looks. However, right now it’s my promised leisure time and so I stroll with a Lina Stores coffee up to Planet Organic to meet my wife. We enjoy a Green Machine smoothie before heading to Homeslice on Wells Street for pizza. We finally visit the Everyman cinema where I happily fall asleep.”


Stay tuned for part 2 where we show you the three styled Autumn looks. If you want to become unstoppable for the day, pay with Visa using Android Pay for the chance to win your very own £1,000 shopping spree. Click Here to enter. T&Cs apply. UK only, 18+. Ends 23.10.16. Android, Android Pay and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.

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