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Make Black Friday Easier with Groupon

This month we have teamed up with Groupon who have kindly sponsored this post to alleviate you of the stress and worrisome Christmas shop. If you pride yourself on being 'the organised one' then the 25th and the 28th November will undoubtedly be chalked up on your calendar. Before I worked in retail I used to mistake Black Friday and Cyber Monday for late 90s Keanu Reeve movies, now these names have been scorched in my psyche. The bonuses of e-commerce allow you to streamline your biggest commodity; time. Time spent waiting in line can be eradicated by simply purchasing the same items online. Having more time at your disposal will allow you to focus on bigger and greater things than fighting for a car parking space, or wrestling that flat screen TV through a packed underground station. Plus, it's freezing out there, right?

However, that said, shopping on the high street is not without merit. My tactics are to find the key independents I often police a week before and ask what deals they are running in conjunction with their website. For example, many independents have different promotions on the shop floor to what they advertise on their website, so it's definitely worth doing a bit of reconnaissance a week or so beforehand to ensure you're getting the best deals. Like many others, I plan to do the entirety of my Christmas shop on the 25th and 28th and here are some of the runners and riders from the Groupon site I have my eye on - but be sure to check out what’s on offer for the #SuperSales

Zorb Football
Zorb Football

The Zorb Football Game: Available in numerous locations in and outside London. Perfect for the Christmas Staff-Do if you're a tyrant of a boss looking to do a Scrooge personality-180 this Christmas. Xtreme Soccer brings the fast-paced, madcap world of zorb football to the UK and offers one-hour games of the inflatable sport for corporate events, stag and hen-dos and birthday parties. 

Dash Car Accident Camera: An amazing reduction on this camera, now available from just £14.99. Especially with this time of year being notorious for accidents, I'll be getting this for a family member who does a lot of traveling to and from work. The night time facility is also an added bonus. 

The Cavani Three Piece Suit: I'm desperate to get a family member out of his athleisure get-up and have him dressed appropriately for the family dinner. At this price I might even get one for myself. With 10% wool and a multitude of pockets and fasteners, this will be highly practical as well as a stylish addition to any wardrobe. I might also go that extra furlong and book a session with my local tailor who will ensure this will be a bespoke fit.

Super Yacht Getaway
Super Yacht Getaway

Pet Enclosure: I won't go into the gory details but only this week my Sister's Guinea Pigs met an ill fate with the neighbours Terrier. Safe to say this Pet Enclosure was already on my radar and the galvanised steel will perhaps offer a sturdier protection. 

Water Resistant Boots: These Water Resistant Boots have been radically reduced. Women can never have enough pairs of shoes or boots and this will show you have put in a little more thought than just the standard generic gift voucher. Perfect for the friend or family member who is in for country hikes and long dog walks.  

Mermaid Tail Blanket: It's out with the onesie and in with the Mermaid Tail Blanket. Mermaids have such a range of appeal, from Cosplay wearing adults to pre-teens. I know my niece will love this, though she may even have to fight off my nephew who just loves to sabotage her happiness by stealing her things. An absolute bargain for £14.99. 

Super Yacht Getaway: Let your girlfriend think you're good friends with Roman Abramovich and book a night on a SuperYacht in London. The 19-23 sqm executive rooms are fitted with custom furnishings, private balcony or terrace, king-size bed, contemporary shower room with luxury toiletries, Lavazza coffee maker and plush bathrobes and slippers. Just don't have too many bottles of bubbly and try and sail the thing across the Med.


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