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Is Beard Oil Necessary?

Although it may not feel like it hasn’t really been that long, it has been a good couple of decades now that the cult of beard has continued to take hold of society from all walks of life. Whereas in the past it was a few select groups from the population of any city who would sport beards, it has now become very common for virtually any man to grow one. Undoubtedly one of the reasons for beards continuing to be popular, is the fact that there is now a wide selection of products designed to make grooming easier. One of the most integrally important keys to a good beard is beard oil. While you may have been battling your unruly beard for numerous years, trying to use beard trimmers and specially designed combs, the one thing that you really needed was beard oil in addition to the rest of those effective tools.

Is It Necessary Though? 

Obviously, it isn't if of course you are looking to recreate the Grizzly Adams look. Stop reading this post if that's what you want for your beard. However, if you are looking to tame the wild hairs and have a more refined but still furry look; you need beard oil. Firstly, the main reason beard oil is very necessary is that it promotes, encourages, and boosts healthy beard growth. It shouldn't be looked at as a magic potion for faster growing, neater looking hair. It will not directly make your beard grow quicker and longer just by using it, it doesn't have that kind of effect. However, it can create a very healthy environment that will help you to better meet your full genetic beard growth potential.

Before and After
Before and After

Why is it So Necessary for Beard Growth?  

It is packed with completely natural and organic ingredients such as coconut, arjun, almond, grapeseed and Jojoba oil. These essential oils have been sourced and chosen for their properties that can soften and strengthen your hair and improve the overall health of your hair and skin. If you are growing a beard you should be concerned about the skin beneath the beard, not just the beard itself. If not properly looked after, the skin could start to suffer because of the beard. However, when you use a beard oil, all the hydration oils flow down to the skin and are absorbed. The problem is that it is not easy to get normal moisturisers that can penetrate through to the skin through a thick and well covered beard. Therefore, you need an oil, because it can easily seep through the gaps in the beard through to the skin and can stop your beard from becoming flaky or dandruff-ridden, as we are sure you will be glad to learn.

Not Just Health Benefits 

So, when thinking about beard oils and whether they are necessary or not, you need to look at the various health benefits. But, that is not all they do. Beard oils are also a great way to make your face and neck smell good. You can switch your regular cologne or aftershave for your beard oil and you will still smell as good, because most beard oils feature well-chosen essential oils and other fragrant ingredients such as sandalwood, peppercorn, cedarwood and citrus being some of the most common oils used for scent. So, not only will beard oil keep your beard in good health, help it to sit better and tame it, but it will also look after your skin's health and make you smell great.

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