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Inside the New London DS Urban Store

Inaugurated last weekend, the very first DS Urban Store has opened its doors at Westfield London Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush. DS Urban Store invites visitors to immerse themselves in the refined world of DS Automobiles and experience the brand through interactive technology.

MenswearStyle were one of the first to try the Virtual Reality simulator which enables the consumer to configure, personalise and view their very own DS. It's like you're in that movie Lawn Mower Man only with better special effects and no Pierce Brosnan blowing smoke in your face (Honestly, go back and watch that film. Brosnan must have chuffed his way through 100 packs of Lucky Strikes in that movie).

The store will be there for 18 months and inside you'll find the DS Exhibition area, giving centre stage to a flagship model from the DS collection. There’s also a DS Virtual Vision area, for an immersive 3D journey into the DS range of cars. Wearing a virtual reality headset, customers can view all of the different personalisation options available. The experience is interactive and engaging, particularly as those using the technology ultimately find themselves in the Place de la Concorde in Paris, standing next to the DS of their choice.

The DS Boutique has a large collection of DS lifestyle products inspired by DS Automobiles’ distinctive brand values – French expertise in luxury, refinement, personalisation and advanced technology. The DS Lounge is where guests can work on the configuration of their car, guided by a DS Advisor. And finally, the DS Bijouterie is the most private area reserved for clients who wish to confirm the purchase of their new car.

“The DS Urban Store opening in London represents an important step in the development of the DS network. This new digitally interactive DS Urban Store concept is a strong asset to promote the brand as close as possible to its customers. It is a place where you can buy your DS, immerse yourself in the DS universe and live the brand experience.” - Yves Bonnefont, Chief Executive Officer, DS Automobiles.

The two DS World locations are the flagship sites for the DS brand's entire distribution network. Entirely devoted to the world of DS, one is located on the exclusive Nanjing Road in Shanghai and the other is situated in the heart of Paris's Golden Triangle. Each DS World is a DS exhibition and sales centre, which also focuses on the brand’s heritage. Throughout the year, both showcase locations will host artistic and cultural events inspired by the worlds of fashion, design, art and gastronomy.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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