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Inspiration for 10 Male Summer Outfits

As the temperature starts to heat up during the summer months, you will need to make some changes in your wardrobe. But the best element about summer is that it gives you an opportunity to try out different outfit combinations. And if you get creative enough you will always be sure of looking trendy and classy. With summer outfit combinations it is all about choosing the designs and colours keenly to ensure that they do not only go with the season, but also suit your own style. Check out the ten perfect combinations below for ideas on what you should wear this summer.

1. White T-Shirt/Denim Shorts/Sneakers 

A plain white t-shirt with some denim shorts and some simple sneakers is one of those outfit combination that always guarantees a striking look. This look works for all men regardless of their tastes and it is perfect for different occasions, including for a day out at the beach or when chilling with friends in a beer garden. And to cap it, you should keep a simple haircut with an upswept or spiky top.

2. Crisp Light Blue Shirt/Pink Shorts/Sneakers 

Blue and pink are two colours that will always give a man a clean and upscale appearance. For the perfect summer outdoor look, you should combine a crisp light blue shirt with pink khaki or chino shorts and some sneakers. A stylish looking pompadour haircut is also a perfect complement to this look. This combination is ideal for a guy that likes to wear untucked summer shirts

3. White T-Shirt/Blue Denim Jeans/White Sneakers 

There are summer outfit combinations that can work for any man regardless of his tastes and this is one of them. It is about combining a plain white t-shirt with a pair of blue denim jeans and finishing off with some clean white sneakers. This design looks best with a short haircut, but you can still go with a baseball cap to cover up your long locks.

4. Black Polo/Blue Denim Trousers/Brown Brogues 

Some men will prefer to maintain an almost semi-casual look in summer, but this look will still work for them. This outfit combines a black polo shirt with some tight blue denim jeans, and brown brogue shoes. For the hairstyle, a simple side sweep design with a slight lift and side part is a perfect choice. 

5. Dress Trousers/Dark Polo Shirt/Loafers 

If you are attending a business meeting on a summer weekend, you need something semi-formal and comfortable. A simple idea will entail pairing your lightweight dress trousers with a dark polo shirt that you should keep tucked and some brown or black loafers. With this combination, you are free to go with any short haircut.

6. Crew Neck Tees/Athletic Shorts/Trainers 

Summer is all about fun and the outdoors, and so your outfit needs to flow with this. Also, you do not have to complicate things for a perfect summer look. If you intend to play at the beach, park or even engage in any activity that will make you sweat such as going to the gym, you should go with a white crew neck t-shirt with black athletic shorts and finish off with some trainers. Also, you do not need any special haircut for this because this look is versatile. 

7. Floral Shirt/Neutral Short/Sandals 

Floral shirts are very fashionable and should always be part of your summer collection. You can wear them with trousers or shorts, but they seem to look best with some neutral shorts and a pair of stylish brown leather sandals. However, make sure that you go with a design that has dark base tones when wearing these untucked summer shirts because they look best with neutral shorts. Also, keep your hairstyle short with a side part and a simple sideways slick.

8. Printed Shirt/Selvage Denim/Brown Sneakers 

Printed shirts will work for any season, and their extra detail always makes a man stand out. For a perfect summer look, you should go with ones that have a dark base colour and bright prints, and pair it with selvage denim and some brown sneakers. A side part or wavy slick back hairstyle will look best with this outfit. 

9. Baby Pink Shirt/White Dress Trousers/Brown Shoes 

For a clean and elegant semi-formal summer look you should go with a pink shirt with white dress trousers and smart brown shoes. Keep the shirt tucked to add some formality to the look and also go with a formal quiff with a side part haircut.

10. Beige Suit/Striped Shirt/Brown Monk Strap Shoes 

You will still need a formal look during summer as you go to work, but you have to choose the colours well to keep up with the season. A slim fitting two button suit in a beige shade is an excellent choice, and you should pair it with a striped shirt (blue and white stripes) and some brown monk strap dress shoes. A regular haircut with high top and faded or tapered sides works best with this combination. 

The perfect summer look is all about your tastes and the occasion. Some untucked summer shirts are ideal for the beach and any outdoor activity while some bright and neat ones are perfect for work and meetings. Also, you should make good use of those shorts and lightweight pants in your closet by pairing them with some cute shirts and sneakers. The ten outfit combinations above will give you some ideas on how to do this, and they are a perfect point to start your search for the perfect summer look.

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