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In Conversation with Stacey Wood of King & Tuckfield

Here at MenswearStyle we've always got our ear to the ground to find the most exciting new menswear brands. One that really caught our attention recently is London-based label, King & Tuckfield. Stacey Wood's thoroughly British label is making a name for itself through its stylish, understated casualwear and the truly outstanding quality of its clothes. They’re becoming especially well known for its superior quality Japanese selvedge jeans. They’re all made here in London - something that only a handful of brands can lay claim to - at Black Horse Lane Atelier, and really are some of the best fitting jeans we've ever come across.

If you’re a fan of Folk, A.P.C., YMC and the like, then this new label is going to be right up your street, with its beautifully constructed garments and timeless, yet contemporary, approach to style. We'd heard that the brand has a great story behind it, so to find out more about that and King & Tuckfield in general we caught up with Stacey herself, the founder and creative force behind the clothes.

For those unfamiliar with the brand could you tell us the story behind the clothes? 

"King & Tuckfield is the alternative to throwaway fashion. We make pieces to become even more cherished the more time passes, like the colourful stories of my own family history. We've taken our name from my Grandmother Joan Marion King and father Graham Aubrey Tuckfield, both of whom have had a big influence on my own sense of style." 

Can you tell us a little about what it was that inspired you to go into fashion and, in particular, menswear? 

"Since I was a child I've always looked up to people with style. They stood apart for me and seemed to have an aura of beauty. My Grandmother with her rebellious elegance, my eldest sister in her stonewashed Levis that I couldn't wait to get my hands on. My father was also one of those people. He had great taste and had a beguiling gracefulness, perhaps due in part to his background as a ballet dancer. My father died when I was young and many years later as I dug into his past, the more photos I found and the more I learnt of his fascinating stories, I was inspired to build a collection based around that."

What would you say are the standout items in your men's collection?  

"The merino knitted polos are definitely the biggest hit and this seasons textured version is a personal favourite of mine. I also love the workshirt in a beautiful Japanese coloured denim." 

We love your clothes and especially your jeans. Why did you choose denim as a key area to focus on? 

"It's a direct reflection of our brand values. There is no fabric in the world that lives longer, ages more beautifully and looks so cool through all the style evolutions of an entire century. I guess that explains why we've always loved denim. We are also fortunate to have great denim experience within the team and the opportunity to work with a top–level factory, Black Horse Lane, right here on our doorstep in London."

Where do you take your design inspiration from? 

"My inspiration draws a lot on vintage and archive material, flea market finds, old books and films from the era of our namesakes, King and Tuckfield. We're inspired by the stories and personalities that have shaped our own style and there’s always some kind of detail or reference linking directly to the family heritage. A lot also comes from the raw materials; we're always looking for fabrics that will age better and obsess over quality but we're also about finding that exciting new fabric that will bring the whole concept alive for the season." 

What can we expect from King & Tuckfield in the next few years? 

"Every season the collection gets stronger as we continually refine our fits and build lasting relationships with our suppliers, but the core product is consistent, indigo and wool with a modern mid-century leaning... because that’s what we love!"

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