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Staunton Moods x Carlos Santos Patina Shoes

Staunton Moods new collaboration with Carlos Santos shoes from Portugal is an extension of their modus operandi, to create and work with pieces that fuse art with fashion using a ‘Made in Europe’ approach. The label began with quirky slim fit business shirt designs showcasing artwork from British illustrators on the inside of the collar, placket and cuffs followed by a foray into an all Italian made Timeless shirt collection. The creations boast Egyptian cotton spun into high quality Italian fabrics then confectioned into beautiful slim fit Italian made shirts.

The next venture sees this truly European label with Australian and Belgian roots delve into the world of men’s shoes following a new collaboration with the artisanal Portuguese shoemaker Carlos Santos. Staunton Moods searched for a reputable and well-known shoemaker that injects love into each and every pair of its creations, from a desire to source the best leather from the top tanneries in Europe, to the high degree of hand work and care involved in the creation of each pair of shoes, to the Goodyear welt construction that provides longevity and strength to the shoe and a good return on investment for the owner.

On top of all of this Staunton Moods required the best price versus quality ratio where Carlos Santos came out as a clear winner. Established in the north of Portugal in 1942, Carlos Santos has a wealth of experience in the innovation of footwear products for men. To this day, Carlos Santos is one of the few Portuguese companies in the area to apply the Goodyear Welted system, a manual technique in which machines play a secondary role. At the heart of Carlos Santos' ethos is a passion and dedication for making products of the highest quality and aesthetic appeal.

Staunton Moods provides its own patina finish to the shoes in its workshop in Switzerland where no pair of shoes is ever created 100% the same. The patina finishes work beautifully with the label’s motto of looking and feeling great that is bound to emerge from wearing a pair of shoes that is unique, sure to turn heads and a likely conversation starter. Any colour combination is possible as the patina process starts with a neutral skin (un-dyed) finish putting the artistic license in your hands as well as the artist's.

A palette of distinct colours was created as a base selection to choose from which also affords one the flexibility to purchase and exchange one size for another should the shoes not fit. Additionally, a bespoke patina service was introduced whereby you provide the inputs for the colour or artwork combination of your liking for a truly unique pair of shoes. This request can be in the form of a description or image that can guide the artists in bringing your creation to fruition. Progressive photos can be provided along the way to ensure that the creation you have in mind is achieved to your satisfaction.

Colours can be made to fuse or bleed from one to another creating subtleties that change their appearance in different shades and angles of light. What appear to be black business shoes for example can take on shades of midnight blue, violet or green under different light conditions. Textures can also be added such as an old wood appearance to any colour combination. The patina options have traditionally focused on changing the colour of the shoes but now also include the possibility of adding drawings to bespoke requests. The comprehensive patina service is more than just a colouring of the leather or drawing, it includes a polishing around a mirror type ‘glaçage’ at the front section of the shoe creating a stunning shine to the new creations.

All Carlos Santos shoes available are Goodyear Welted and models include Double Monk, Derby, Oxford and Wingtips. Each pair takes two weeks from the time of ordering to be made and shipped to over 40 countries worldwide by trusted courier partners. We almost forgot to mention the nicest part of the experience, their customer service. They're a boutique, hands-on, family run business in which they are fully involved across all aspects of the day-to-day operations. They know their products down to the most intricate of details and they make sure that you receive quality products with a high quality of service during and after purchase.

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