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5 Apps to Keep Health & Fitness in Check

It can be tough to find the time to eat and exercise well – but more and more apps are being developed each week which makes it easier to exercise and eat well from home. Here are the top five that have recently caught our eye:

1. Whatsinit? 

Whatsinit? is a new app which was developed to help you to track exactly what your food contains. The world of packaged food is becoming increasingly confusing – the long string of ingredients on the food label often mean nothing to us and it has become impossible to know exactly what's in the food we eat. This app is essential for navigating the world of processed food; simply scan the food ingredients label with your phone, and a short summary of each ingredient will pop up. It is especially useful for allergy sufferers as it allows you to choose from a range of pre-set diets and will then flag up in red any potentially harmful ingredients. The app was developed by Temi Alanamu who found it extremely useful for managing her Sickle Cell anaemia. She developed the app with a whole team of dieticians, nutritionists and doctors to ensure that all information provided is accurate and up to date.

2. E² 

is a unique new app offering fitness on demand. It allows busy people to book two-hour sessions and one-off classes at premium gyms, all without the memberships. How? Well, most gyms aren't busy 100% of the time. And whenever they have a little extra capacity outside the peak lunch and after-work crowds, venues are more than happy to welcome new users. offers a new way to do just that. By enabling gyms to post up two-hour sessions and one-off classes in real-time. helps them to attract more people without overcrowding – since the gym controls the number of places offered as well as the prices they're offered at. At the same time, users gain flexible access to different gyms, PT, classes and other wellness venues. Talk about win-win.

3. Zombies, Run! 

Zombies, Run! is a unique running app which follows the story of a Zombie outbreak. It’s perfect if you can already run a 5k and are looking for something to push you a little further. Whilst you’re jogging at a normal pace, the app will inform you if you’ve gathered some survival tools along the way. You will then be warned about the proximity of zombies - which means it’s time to pick up the pace before they catch you… However, this app isn’t just for runners - it also allows you to begin the 5k at walking pace before picking up the speed as zombies approach. This is a high-paced and thrilling way to ensure that you stay fit.

4. C25K 

If you’re not ready to run a 5k just yet, the C25K app is for you. Couch to 5k aims to get you from an absolute beginner to jogging a 5k within 8 weeks! The app starts you off with a slow walking pace, running at intervals, and gradually decreases the amount of walking time and increasing the amount of running time. This app is perfect for absolute beginners looking to get into the world of running. For added motivation, sign up to a 5k race in 8 weeks’ time. Running for charity is a great way to gain support and ensure that you reach your goal, and at the same time you are raising money for a great cause.

5. MyFitnessPal 

This app is a key guide for healthy eating. The MyFitnessPal app provides you with meal plans to ensure you eat healthily and helps you to boost your energy and appearance. Search for what you have eaten in a database and count the calories you have consumed. The app keeps track of what you’re eating and helps you to lose weight. Additionally, the app provides suggested exercises for you to do each day. The app is completely free and provides you with a simple way to track your food consumption.


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