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Discover House of Cavani Tailoring

Introducing the Italian inspired men’s suit brand known as House Of Cavani. They’re based in the UK and their online store features a wealth of different suits, blazers, waistcoats and more in the wonderful world of tailoring. House Of Cavani is a family run business which aims to provide excellent customer service with an end goal to make sure everyone feels and looks their best. We recently sat down and interviewed one of the company founders to find out a little more about their brand, their beginnings and what the future has in store.

Could you tell me about your brand?  

“The House Of Cavani brand is all about amazing designs, great fits and unique details to guarantee our suits stand out from the crowd. All our fabrics are handpicked to ensure our customers receive only the very best materials. We gather inspiration from across the globe, striving to excite our loyal fan base as well as enticing new customers to try our brand for the first time. Our products are available at affordable prices both on our website as well as various independent boutiques around the UK.”

What inspired you to start designing suits? 

“Whilst on vacation in Italy, we visited the beautiful city of Florence, during its famed Pitti Uomo event and we were stunned by the sheer amount of impeccably dressed men from around the world. Around every corner there was yet another group of fashionistas wearing sometimes flamboyant yet always perfectly tailored suits. It was here that we came to the sudden decision that we wanted to get involved in suit production and bring a little part of this Italian style back to the UK.”  

Where do you get inspiration from? 

“We get inspired from a wide variety of sources, such as the current trends, new catwalk designs, as well as trade shows or during our many trips around the world when visiting various clients. There is always something new that will give us more ideas for our brand which we can then pass onto our customers to enjoy.”

Do you have a favourite design?  

“My most favourite of all of our designs is the Albert Tweed Suit which quintessentially English in design, but combined with the popular slim fit Italian style. The Albert is available in both a grey and a brown tweed design. Additionally, it is available in a matching boys suit, so you can kit out the whole family for those special occasions.” 

What is your most popular range? 

“Our core suits are our most popular range, combining a wide spectrum of colours, both classic and bold in colour. These particular pieces also have the added benefit of availability in the full range of sizes to suit all body shapes and heights. Perfect for formal occasions, weddings or even a night out on the town if you really want to impress.”

What exciting products do you have coming out next season? 

“As well as a new selection of amazing check suits, we also plan on stocking a brand-new line of velvet blazers in some truly eye-popping colours. We also plan to introduce some brand-new products to our collection, but so far, they’re top secret. We have some amazing check suits that will make a statement next season. The sneak peek names of two of our forthcoming suits are Connali and Venice.” 

What do you think about mixing smart suit style clothing with more casual pieces? 

“In the fashion world, nearly everything is acceptable if it fits and looks good. Lately we have seen the occasional men’s fashion blogger wearing some of our range in a street style mixing our suit jackets and coats with denim and sometimes even sneakers. So, in answer to your question, we are fully supportive in how our customers and fans choose to style the Cavani brand.”

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

"House Of Cavani is a family run business aiming to provide excellent customer service. Our end goal is make sure everyone feels and looks their best whilst wearing one our suits. When we get positive feedback about how much guys love wearing our clothes, it makes us very happy and this in turn gives us the incentive to work even harder in providing our customers with the ultimate shopping experience."

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