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Sayonara, Single Sock Syndrome

An exciting conceptual men's sock company based in the US is here to solve the ever-troublesome problem of the lost sock, in a truly unique and fashion-forward way. prince + pete have developed colour collections with uniquely curated, coordinating designs, which allows users to be able to wear any combination of socks from the collection to ensure a cohesive look.

The New York City-based company’s mission is to help men look stylish, while never having to fret again about losing a single sock. Customers simply choose designs from prince + pete’s online store by selecting from the colour collection of their choice. This unique men’s fashion retailer does things a bit differently by letting users purchase just a single sock, continuously allowing them to add to their sock collection as they go.

“Men are limited in the ways they can express a sense of style. So, I wanted to create a sock brand that makes it easy for the average guy to be fashionable, with great designs that are well-made and easily coordinated,” said Donna Pappalardo, Founder of prince + pete. “The thing about our socks is that you don't need a pair. You just need two.” In addition to its online store, prince + pete offers two other ways to purchase the product. First, the S-Club is a monthly subscription service that sends customers three socks a month. The monthly subscription club will send one matching pair and one single complementary sock each month. The cost is $36 a month with free shipping and customers can cancel at any time.

Also, the prince + pete Starter Pack is a set of 9 socks for the price of 8 from the same colour collection for $96, plus free shipping. All you have to do is choose a colour, and they will send four matching pairs and one complementary coordinating design. It’s a great way to get started in the world of prince + pete. This unique brand has solved Single Sock Syndrome in a fun and fashionable way. Never again will guys have to search for that one lost sock.

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