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How to Grow and Style Your Movember Moustache

Whether you’re looking to update your style or out-grow last year’s effort, our good friends at premium men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge have all the tips you need to transform your bare upper lip into a talismanic moustache to be proud of this Movember 2017

Choose how to frame your moustache 

When wearing a moustache, there are many decisions to be made. Should you rock a short stubble alongside your new upper lip accessory, or accentuate it by removing facial hair completely? In reality, both are acceptable. Like a frame for a priceless picture, a short stubble will support your manly moustache without leaving you completely vulnerable to banter from your pals. If the thought of modelling a moustache on your face without any camouflage terrifies you, then keep your stubble at around a grade two or three all over. For those men brave enough to wear a moustache loud and proud, a clean-shaven look wins every time. Make sure you keep on top of your shaving routine though, as a five o’clock shadow will draw attention away from your fuzzy friend.

Scrub the slug 

Keeping your moustache clean and healthy is crucial. Facial hair attracts all sorts of smut throughout the day, so washing your tash regularly with a face scrub is a must. Face Scrub will help to remove trapped dirt, dead skin cells and food from the hair and skin, while leaving a fresh and masculine scent behind. 

Trim your moustache when it's dry

Beard hair, like any hair, looks longer when it’s wet, so always make sure you trim your moustache when it’s dry, otherwise you risk losing a few days/weeks of hard-earned growth. Before you start hacking at your upper lip attire, make sure you comb it through with either a moustache comb or Beard Brush. This will help you to set a guideline to cut along for a neat and even moustache. Next, carefully cut it with a set of beard scissors. Finally, consider using a razor to touch up the edges for a defined look.

Get waxy 

You wouldn’t leave the house with flat, lifeless hair on your head, so make sure you show the same respect to your moustache. Using a moustache wax will help to exaggerate the style you’re aiming for, while also providing a hold that looks relatively natural. To apply a Classic Blend Moustache Wax, take a small amount between your fingertips and rub firmly to warm up the wax. Then, apply evenly through your facial hair, twizzling at the tips for an eccentric look. Alternatively, comb the wax through for a neat and tidy finish. 

Hydrate and moisturise 

Many men often forget to take care of the skin that lies beneath their facial hair. As a result, they suffer with dry, itchy faces. Thankfully, there are a few simple steps that can be taken to avoid a top lip that prickles for all the wrong reasons. Men should arm themselves with a moisturiser that protects and rehydrates their face as hair often steals the skin’s natural moisture. Start by rinsing the face as face wash, shampoos and shower gels can leave residues that irritate further. Then, rub a small amount of Cooling Moisturiser into the skin under your moustache daily.

Consider splashing in a few drops of beard oil too, to rehydrate the hair and skin. Beard oils are packed with essential oils that help to make facial hair glisten and shine, while also leaving a fresh and masculine fragrance behind. Just place a few drops in your hands, rub together, and comb through to the tips of your facial fuzz. River Island, retailer of Menswear and now Grooming products, have put together a nice infographic around grooming and how different faces suit different styles.

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