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Enjoy Style and Comfort with McAlson Boxers

At MenswearStyle, we’ve long been searching for a boxer short that achieves that perfect balance of style and comfort. After our recent introduction to the McAlson brand, we think we may well have found it. Made using the finest European weaving mills, this family owned business, founded by Pierre Deren in 1997, when he decided there was a need for comfortable men’s underwear with smart designs, continues to produce high quality boxer shorts with unique design features. McAlson states ‘an eye for detail’ as one of their key brand values and this is very apparent when taking a closer look at their latest underwear products. Inside the boxer short is a 100% cotton invisible support which expertly combines the stylishness of an American boxer with the comfort of briefs.

An American cut design which accommodates the masculine morphology, features a third piece of fabric at the rear of the boxer to prevent the material from getting into any uncomfortable positions whilst wearing. An elasticised waistband closed by two buttons, an open fly closed by a single button and the McAlson signature tab on the front complete the look.

The American design meets European craftsmanship, with all fabrics carefully chosen, 100% cotton and manufactured in Italy, Portugal and Belgium’s best weaving mills. Each year McAlson produces over 60 new designs, introducing unique prints and seasonal colours to sit alongside their 20 'classic' boxer shorts, so you'll never be short of options when choosing your next undergarment style. Limited edition designs emerge from time to time and a special Christmas product is unveiled each year, the perfect gift for males of all ages.

This brand is fully aware of its scale and is why they consider both the environment and all stakeholders in every decision they take. As such, they regularly visit their manufacturers to ensure humane working conditions, they optimised transport to minimise their carbon impact and package all their products in recycled packaging. To explore the full McAlson range, visit mcalsonline.com

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