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Introducing AI ‘Riders on the Storm’

This luxury Italian outerwear brand known as AI ‘Riders on the Storm’ is a premium brand that undeniably taps into the sports-luxe fashion phenomenon that swept across the trend league tables in 2017, with no sign of slowing going into 2018. Original and sporty, yet refined, this premium sportswear label focuses on hi-tech coats with a strong visual impact.

Born in 2011 and made for people living within urban city environments, helping them to face any challenges, 'AI Riders on the Storm' is innovative and the perfect balance between design and functional wear. The name ‘AI Riders on the Storm’ actually implies a new concept of life, while the design of the jackets communicates a message of protection; being shell-like, these performance garments offer protection from all the harsh elements that any part of the world can throw at us.

The brand comes from businessman and eclectic designer, Giovanni Chicco. The brand’s story of fruition is the true definition of 'persistence is key'. Having always worked in fashion, he has collaborated with many brands, including Ralph Lauren, Max Mara, Fiorucci and K-Way to name a few, and his unlimited creativity has seen him bring to life a number of his own projects, culminating finally in AI 'Riders On the Storm' today.

Athletic and informal, every piece is functional and ergonomic, thanks to high quality materials and innovative design details. The brand’s latest collection is made to withstand all types of weather - even space, and Chicco has left nothing to chance with his attention to detail. From the built-in removable anti-fog lenses and ski-masks, to ear filters and anti-pollution 3D mesh on mouth, which allows for partial air filtration which is handy if you live in a mega city such as London, New York or Beijing. With the continued research that goes into finding new techniques to improve performance, AI Riders on the Storm truly places emphasis on being more than just a premium sportswear brand.

This SS18, brings a collection that remains both functional and stylish. Featuring water and windproof elements, the lightweight and easy-to-wear pieces are realised through a strikingly vibrant colour palette, punctuated with of-the-moment prints, to see the urban explorer through the spring/summer adventures ahead. Here items include tri-coloured camouflage and tropical patterned rain jackets, which immediately immerse the wearer into a world of the great outdoors, even if they’re simply in the city.

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