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Introducing OHMME Premium Activewear & Fitness Apparel

Before I get into this one, isn’t OHMME the noise your Macbook makes when you fire it up? Or in my case not at all now that it’s given up the premature ghost at the age of a meagre 13 months. It will be missed. As well as that once gratifying sound signalling things work and all is right with the virtual world, OHMME is an eco-friendly athleisure brand incorporating Bluesign fabrics and Green Defence technology to keep the fabrics smelling fresh.

The world is entering a new era of eco-conscious consumers, whether it’s plastic in our oceans, Gucci and Kors ending their production of fur garments or the unrelenting pressure on retailers to reform their throwaway fashion culture, there’s never been a better time to launch an ethically conscious brand to market. Founded by Louis d’Origny with Jonty Hikmet, in 2015 when they spotted a gap in the market for men’s conscious activewear; it was created under the brief of style, movement and comfort.

"Our fabrics are made with your body, and the planet, in mind. I spent a lot of time?researching the most sustainable ways of producing garments & really investigating sustainable fabrics. Ours are made from recycled polyester, which is much better for the environment, in terms of the reduced use of water and energy in the production process. Our fabrics feel cool, are sweat wicking and breathable, so they have all the benefits with the bonus of them being recycled and having a reduced environmental impact." - explains Louis.

What is Bluesign? 

Bluesign is a prestigious certification that means the fabric manufacturing process is as environmentally friendly as possibly with reduced water waste and the elimination of harmful chemicals. 

What is Green Defence? 

Green Defence is an antibacterial technology incorporated into the fabrics at the production stage to keep them smelling fresh, even during heavy workouts, without the need for heavy metals, which can be toxic to the skin.

Who will buy OHMME? 

I imagine the kind of guy that will buy into this label will walk to work after an early morning yoga class, drinking juice with a little extra ginger. If you’re into surfing, swimming or yoga then OHMME will be right up your alley. The Eco-Mayuras (£43) are resistant, light and stylish with a 4-way stretch fabric to enable total movement. The inside panel, from the crotch to the inside of the leg, guarantees your shorts will stay in place and allow you to retain your modesty and comfort you require for any pose or balance. They can be used for swimming as well as the yoga studio; these fast drying shorts are perfect for surfing and for dynamic and hot yoga practices. Similarly if you’re into running, weight lifting or cycling then the Eco-Warrior II – Green Defence (£52) are double-layered shorts, with Green Defence compression underwear for added support and extra freshness, during the heaviest of workouts, created to enable total freedom of movement.

Future projects for OHMME include launching workshops in collaboration with CALM, which provide a safe space for guys to explore movement with yoga, stillness with meditation and expression through group work. The workshops known as #StillnessInMotion are being launched to offer space for men to explore these pressures, in a civilisation that frowns upon men asking for help. “Sadly, these archaic ideas haven't served men well, as statistics show that in the UK, suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. This lack of support and connection is not toughening men up, it’s killing them. Needlessly. And I want to create a safe space for guys.” Says Jonty.


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