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3 Reasons Why You Need to Own a Tailored Suit

Come a certain age in life, men will be required to wear a suit on several occasions every year. Whether it be for a job interview, a wedding or any other formal event, it’s important to look sharp. After all, the impression one makes can be extremely important; whether it’s on that special girl watching from the end of the bar, or the potential boss who is sizing up a prospect and looking for that one thing that might set him apart. No matter the occasion, it’s always a good idea to go with a tailored suit if at all possible, as for how a suit fits is nearly as important as the style of suit itself.

Alas, many men don’t follow basic fashion rules and can end up doing more damage than good with their choices of apparel, especially if they wear an ill-fitting suit. According to Amber Hamilton, the director of Jaden Lam, “most men typicality wears oversized clothes, not understanding the essential elements of a good fit or compromising fit for style. Hamilton is correct, as men often underestimate the effect a tailored suit has on their overall appearance when compared to non-tailored one.

Photo: Vincenzo Grillo
Photo: Vincenzo Grillo

Trying to separate from everybody else in the pack in any situation is crucial to success in that endeavor. There’s a reason that it’s rare to see a man who is a runaway success looking like he’s wearing a suit that is three sizes too small and hasn’t been pressed in a decade. The person who came up with the adage “clothes make the man” knew exactly what they were talking about. And, in terms of making the man, there is perhaps nothing so effective in that task as a tailored suit that makes it look like the man wearing it was born to do just that. The following are 3 reasons why you need to own a tailored suit today:

Pal Zileri
Pal Zileri

High-Quality Materials Are Used  

Non-tailored suits are usually mass-produced in Asian factories, where volume is the main objective, rather than the quality of the suit. The prioritisation of volume over quality leads to several issues with the final product: poor quality inspection before packaging, inferior materials used in order to save on cost, and the lack of professional designers leads to design problems. On the other hand, tailor-made suits are made by professionals, who use higher quality fabrics, such as cotton, silk, and wool. The difference between a tailored suit and one that’s bought off the rack can be felt immediately. The tailored suit is more durable, comfortable and breathable - due to the superior materials used - and because of the help of a professional tailor, it allows for a seamless fit.


You’ll Simply Look Better  

Tailored suits are by design made to fit you better than non-tailored suits, which naturally means that you’ll look better in them. There’s no need to worry about your suit being too baggy or too tight when purchasing from reputable retailers for tailored suits. Moreover, you can further customise your suit, since you have control over its construction, the fitting, the lining, etc… In the event that an issue arises with your suit, you can bring it to a professional for an inexpensive fix, since the issues normally only require tiny adjustments. The ability to customise nearly every aspect of your suit is what makes purchasing tailor-made formalwear so important, as the suit truly becomes yours. Non-tailored suits aren’t made for you, they’re made for everyone. They don’t offer the same level of customisation which means that if you purchase one and it fits well, consider yourself very lucky.


You’ll Actually Save Money 

The main reason men tend to buy non-tailored suits is that they’re less expensive, which they think will save them money. However, that isn’t necessarily true; A non-tailored suit is made with lesser quality materials and isn’t designed by professionals who value quality over quantity. As a result, non-tailored suits have a shorter lifespan than tailor-made suits. With that being said, purchasing a tailored suit is a smart investment; you’ll be ready to dress the part and you’ll feel comfortable, especially knowing you’ll be able to keep your suit for years to come.


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