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Mastering The Golf Dress Code

It’s always important for you to be aware of what you are allowed to wear when you are playing on a golf course. Some clubs are notorious for their strict dress codes, and while not all clubs will have specific guidelines, there are usually some rules available for you to check before playing to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment. For many, golf clothing can often evoke a confused world of pleated trousers, caps and mismatched patterns. That may have been the case years ago but today you will find that golf gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to what you can wear on the course. Here’s a quick guide – from top to toe – that will help you avoid any calamities and will enable you to breeze past even the most stringent of club dress codes.

Hats and Caps 

While a hit is not an obligatory item of clothing on the golf course, in the summer months your face and neck will definitely thank you for some added protection. The only rule to be aware of with hats is that it must be worn with the peak facing forwards at all times.


Similar to hats and caps, sunglasses are not a compulsory accessory on the golf course. It is worth remembering that on a bright and sunny day, a pair of sunglasses could definitely be a lifeline for you. Imagine how difficult it would be to trace the arc of your drive with the sun shining. 


There really is no two ways about it. A good shirt for golfing is always a staple in any golfer’s wardrobe. The main rule to be aware of with this clothing item is that a golf shirt must always have a collar. This means that a polo shirt can be worn on the golf course, but your shirt should always have a collar. It’s also worth mentioning that your shirt should always be tucked in and if you aren’t wearing a shirt with full-length sleeves, the sleeves have to end just above the elbow; T-shirts and vests will definitely not pass the dress code at a golf club for example.


At most golf clubs, smart casual trousers such as cargo trousers or chino trousers are acceptable, but you will not be able to wear denim jeans in any circumstance. If you’re playing on a hot day, most golf clubs will allow you to wear shorts, but like your trousers, these will need to be of a smart style. 


Most golf clubs will prefer you to wear professional golf shoes when you are playing on the course. If you opt for a pair of golf shoes with spikes, they should be plastic rather than metal. This is because many golf clubs operate a 'softspike only' policy because metal spikes will often tear the surface and leave ‘spike marks’ on the course.

When it comes to purchasing your clothing from a golf store, it’s now possible to find all your golf clothing online. You will no longer be required to visit a specific club’s golf store. Instead, you can visit a number of online golf store websites who stock a huge range of clothing and apparel suitable for this sport.

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