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The North Face Launches New Urban Pack

Marking the European launch of The North Face’s Tropical Camo Pack, The North Face has gathered stories from a group of young creatives in London, depicting where they go to seek camouflage in the city. Captured in their chosen place of camouflage by renowned German streetstyle photographer, Daniel Bruno Grundl – each of the group wears key styles from the Tropical Camo Collection - a capsule of new urban essentials, inspired by undiscovered places:

Will Best - The Barbican, London, EC2  

As a long-term member, Will visits The Barbican on a regular basis to simply sit, relax and work on his laptop. He loves the Brutalist architecture and finds it a peaceful escape from the east-end of London where he lives and works: “The Barbican is one of my favourite places in London. The Barbican Centre, with its constantly changing exhibitions and events, surrounded by the estate itself, full of people living in those incredible buildings all overlooking the wide open communal spaces, combine to make it feel like a living, breathing ecosystem all in its own right in the heart of the city.”

Will Best
Will Best

Terence Sambo - The Loughborough Estate, Brixton, London SW9 

The Loughborough Estate in Brixton, home to Creative Director Terence Sambo is his go-to for camouflage in the city. Away from the hustle and bustle of Fashion Weeks, photoshoots and styling jobs, he loves the familiar neighbourhood and adjacent park. He often uses the estate for his own photoshoots, so knows exactly where to get the right shot: “Loughborough Estate for me represents an ideal picture of working class Britain.”

Terence Sambo
Terence Sambo

Emerald Rose Lewis - Regents Canal, Hoxton, London, E8

Having grown up close to the water in North West London, DJ and Presenter Emerald Rose Lewis often finds herself walking down The Regents Canal, close to her East London home, to seek solace and relaxation during her busy schedule of radio presenting (on Rinse FM) and working on her YouTube TV Show, 'Greatness'. “I chose the canal in Hoxton because it’s the closest point where I can be by the water. I grew up by the river, my Dad is a boat builder, and he lives on a boat and my sister and Aunty both live on house boats. So I guess it’s where I feel most at home. I’ve always found it calming to be by the water.”

Emerald Rose Lewis
Emerald Rose Lewis

Ceara Maya - Notting Hill, London, W11

Notting Hill has been Ceara's go-to for years. Having grown up in North West London, it's where she goes to hangout with friends, finding comfort in the known and familiar. She regularly does photoshoots in this part of town, relishing the discovery of unknown backstreets that catch people off guard when they find out about the area. “I love Notting Hill. It’s been my go-to for years. I used to come here after school to meet friends and we would always discover new places, which is why I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot these pictures, around the backstreets, away from the crowds of Portobello.”

Ceara Maya
Ceara Maya

The new urban collection uses Tropical Camo print throughout a number of the brand’s signature silhouettes. Finding the perfect blend between modern city lifestyles and its renowned mountain heritage, this bold collection showcases The North Face’s most iconic products for the new season, notably the 1990 Mountain Jacket, Nuptse, and Duffel (featuring GORE-TEX® and DRYVENT™ technologies) — as well as footwear and signature T-shirt offerings. Constructed with waterproof, thermal and quick-dry qualities, this urban collection presents the brand's best-in-class functionality with signature cool aesthetics.


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