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Can Your Car Reflect Your Style?

The type of car that you drive says a lot about the kind of person that you are, but can it reflect on your style? Sometimes, money can be an issue when it comes to buying a car that actually matches your style. However, there are clever ways around this dilemma as you can give your car a more stylish and tasteful version of 'pimp my ride'. If you’re looking to make sure that your car matches your style, then take a look at these intelligent and inexpensive tricks to help your car match yourself inside and out.

Sort out the bodywork 

Accidents happen, and you may have already been unfortunate enough to have damage to the exterior of your car, whether that be an accidental key scratch, or someone reversing into your car causing a dent that sticks out like a sore thumb. Luckily, you can easily sort out bodywork, and here’s some ideas for you to try: Buff out dents in your car using boiling water. The heat will react with the metal and cause it to be more durable. You may have seen before that when metals are at different temperatures they are more easy to manipulate into the shape you want it to be. More often than not, dents in cars can simply be popped back out, so get the hot water on it and see if you can repair the bodywork yourself. Scratches are very easily obtained on paintwork, but they are also just as easily repaired too. Depending on the colour of your car, you should be able to head to the nearest car parts retailer and see if they have a paintwork repair pen that matches the colour of your car. Some people simply use nail varnish to fill in and get rid of those annoying scratches! If the paintwork is seriously damaged and can’t be fixed with a repair pen then it might be worth looking into a respray on your car. Bare in mind that all dents need to be sorted before doing so to achieve the best look.


There’s something really great about being able to easily distinguish your car from the rest. It’s likely that you’re not the only one around town driving that model of car, and to make yours stand out and reflect on your own personal style, you could get yourself a personalised number plate. They can transfer between cars, so once you have it, it’s yours for good and can really add a sense of class and expense to a car. Click to buy cheap private number plates here. Many people choose to go with something to do with their name, so don’t be surprised if you can’t get your actual name. Be creative and see what you can get! 

Interior touches 

The style of your car doesn’t have to end at how good your bodywork is either, you can continue the theme inside so that when you’ve got company, you can wow them with your style. Here are some really easy and cheap ways of vamping up the interior: Have your seats professionally cleaned, you will be surprised at how well they come up! If there are rips in your seats, you could consider buying some car seat covers to hide the problem. A steering wheel cover will not only look great, but will add comfort to your driving experience. Matching floor mats will add a sense of class and style too.


It’s no secret that pretty much any car looks better when it’s got matching wheels, and normally this can cost a pretty penny to obtain proper matching alloys. However, you can now buy alloy covers that simply clip on to your existing ones and immediately improve the whole look of your vehicle. A great idea is to go for some that contrast with the colour of your car so that they really stand out. Alternatively, you could opt for the chrome look which would accentuate your style to the max. 


The headlights, or sometimes better known as the eyes of your car can make a difference to the whole look too. Over time, headlights become cloudy and end up making the car look older and like an ‘old banger’. Take the time to remove your headlight covers and give them a good clean so that your headlights can shine brighter than ever, and your car has a crisp overall look. Alternatively, you could buy some angel eyes for your car to really give it a distinct look. Keep in mind that you should get these professionally fitted because if you get the angle of the headlights wrong, you could end up inadvertently driving an illegal motor.


You’ve probably seen the 'boy racers' driving around with completely blacked out windows and quite frankly, it can look tacky if the job isn’t done right. However, tinted windows can serve more of a purpose than simply looking good, and it’s definitely something you should consider. They can help keep the heat in or out, prevent the sun from bleaching the interior, deter thieves as they can’t see when looking in, and also give people privacy. Consider having your car windows professionally tinted to add style, and reap in more benefits too.  

As you can see, no matter what kind of car you have, you can easily class it up to match your style at a price that I’m sure your wallet will agree with. Try these ideas today so that your car can truly reflect on your style.


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