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5 Full Body Workout Ideas You Can Do from Home

Time is of the essence these days. There is no doubt that you want to fit your exercise regime into your busy lifestyle which can be difficult. That’s why it can be important to try and get a full body workout done with limited equipment or without too many multiple activities. Below we have listed out some full body workout ideas that can be just as effective as working across different machines in the gym, but also time efficient enough to suit your needs.

Full Body Workout DVD’s 

There are some great workout DVD’s that can give you a full body workout, that don’t require you to leave your home. As well as getting you fit, they can also give you more confidence to go to the gym if that’s one of your main concerns. You can find lots of them out there these days, not only hosted by fitness experts – but some of your favourite celebrities too. If you have a favourite footballer or TV star for example, it’s not unlikely that they will have their own DVD out. You will also find lots of different options to fit in with the kind of fitness regime that you like, and again it’s a cost-effective alternative.

Bowflex Max Trainer 

This is a fantastic machine that will give you a great full body workout without having to go to the gym. It is lightweight which makes it pretty portable around the home, and it isn’t overly expensive. This equipment works on both your lower and upper body muscles at the same time. It’s a great calorie burner if you are looking to lose weight – and it is low impact, making it perfect for someone who has issues with their joints. You can find out more about this piece of equipment by reading the following review: Bowflex Max Trainer M7, M5, & M3 Elliptical Machine Reviews.


There are lots of different benefits to yoga. The first is of course that it offers you a full body workout. It can also help in terms of flexibility, as well as an increase in your muscle tone. It will help to shape and tone you and help in terms of weight loss too. Unlike with other exercises, when you complete a yoga session, you will feel energised rather than exhausted. You will also find that it helps to maintain a balanced metabolism and offers you much more protection from injury. Another added benefit of yoga is that it can aid your mental wellbeing. If you are feeling stressed or anxious, this full body workout can help you regain focus and de-stress you. Yoga is becoming increasingly popular with men, with lots of male celebrities championing it.

YouTube Full Body Workouts 

YouTube has become a great place for you to get a full body workout fix. They normally come in the form of '30-minute full body workout' videos. That particular method means that you could do your full body workout in segments, giving you a break in-between. The good thing about doing this is that it’s free for you to subscribe to, so you can try a few until you get one that fits you best. Be careful to make sure you don’t strain yourself too much with these.

Exercise Apps 

The great thing about everything being on mobile these days, is that there is very little that you can’t get at the touch of a button. Full body workout apps are one of these things. Again, there are lots of these to choose from, and often they come with push notifications to update you on how you are doing and will update regularly with new features. They can go with you wherever you are too, so you can use them as a reference if you are on holiday for example. Make sure you check out the features of the apps, as on occasion equipment is required to complete some of the workouts. The good thing about using an app is that you can also see other consumer reviews – so you can get a feel for experiences others have had when using it.

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