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Introducing McAlson Men’s Swim Shorts

Summer is Coming. Words that may not be as renowned and famous as the seasonal counterpart, but wow, we’re surely pleased to hear them. We can finally now turn our attention to booking holidays and adding new menswear items to our summer wardrobes. Yet, when many blokes think of holiday essentials, they often falter and stray from the path to summer style. Instead, they head down a rogue road, which involves purchasing items such as bucket hats, trainer socks, cargo shorts and in-your-face graphic tees.

Not on my watch

One such essential that lots of guys bypass, is swimming shorts. These can be an excellent statement piece, and when paired with minimalist loafers and a linen shirt, nothing (tastefully) shouts 'give me attention' whilst partying at a beach club more.

Photo: Cloud Studio
Photo: Cloud Studio

McAlson’s new swim short range is exactly what you’re after here. This is a family brand who thrive in making creative products for below the waist. ‘McAlson combines british preppyness, Italian finesse, French “je- ne-sais-quoi” and Belgian surrealism, which all blends into top quality products for all gentlemen.’ Their swim short collection is filled with chic and stylish patterns that aren’t too loud but could confidently start an interesting conversation. What’s more, they’ll definitely be at home within the suitcase of any stylish gentleman on his travels this summer. These shorts are extremely fun, without being tacky, and are a tasteful length, so (should) sit just above the knee.

With a wide array of vibrant colours and differing designs, you’ll be able to get a lot of wear from them, simply by pairing differing shirts and shoes. Check one holiday essential off your list by investing in a pair of McAlson swim shorts today!

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