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How to Look After Your Beard

The age of beards is upon us! Beard growers, as well as beard lovers have grown in number – you can hardly look around without seeing at least one epic rugged beard, and you simply can’t help but want one. However, that’s easier said than done. Although growing a beard doesn’t involve too much effort – you can even do it in your sleep – maintaining one can be challenging if you don’t have any experience. You can either go to your barber once every two weeks or, if you don’t have that kind of money, learn how to take care of it yourself. A stylish beard doesn’t just happen – beard maintenance is a form of art, but you need your supplies and skills in order to paint a masterpiece.

Patience Is a Virtue 

Like we mentioned, growing a beard isn’t very challenging. On the other hand, waiting for your beard to reach the desired length might drive you insane. You need to be patient – that’s the beard rule number one. Before you can maintain and style it, you first need to have something to work with. If you want to speed up the process, you can always start using creams or oils that encourage beard growth.

Oil Is the Magic Touch 

What will help you the most in your endeavors to tame a wild beard is oil. What does beard oil do? Combined with combing on a daily basis, applying beard oil to your beard will enable you to smooth it out, make it softer, and get all those disobedient hairs into their place. You can also use a beard brush if you find that a comb is inefficient in your case. With constant use of beard oil, as well as regular washing and brushing, you’ll be able to shape your beard just the way you want it. 

Regular Washing is Necessary 

Having a beard adds a few new items to your hygiene routine. Considering the fact that a beard collects food particles, and that its growth disturbs the skin, you need to wash it regularly. If not, you will have to deal with highly unpleasant sensations, and have serious problems with scratching. Therefore, investing in a quality beard shampoo is a must. It’s also necessary that you select a gentle shampoo, like Ultra Soft Elite Beard Shampoo. Because it’s completely organic, you won’t have to deal with unwanted irritation. It also contains soothing elements that will enable you to gain control over your beard.

Strive Towards Shape Consistency 

Before you start grooming, you need to decide on a shape, which isn’t a simple task – you have a wide range of options. However, it’s a necessary step. If you don’t select a shape, you don’t have a goal – that can make the trimming process highly problematic. So, know what you want in a beard, pick out a shape, and make sure that every part of the grooming process helps you achieve your goal. Once you’ve achieved this goal your beard will become one with your overall appearance and style, leaving questions such as 'is going to a job interview with a beard a gamble' behind you. 

Everyday Combing Routine 

It often happens that a man has serious difficulties gaining control over his beard. So, instead of looking like a well-groomed urban man (which isn’t that hard, even these famous historical drunks managed to maintain a stylish beard), they resemble a caveman. Your beard won’t become obedient on its own – it needs your close attention and care, which is why you need to calm it regularly.

You Need a Quality Trimmer 

Manual trimming presents a problem even to long-term beard owners, as you need to possess plenty of skill to be able to do it properly. Besides, it’s time-consuming. You need a fast solution for a great beard, and that’s a proper trimmer. Pay attention to trimming extensions during your purchase; they come in different sizes, and you should choose them based on your beard shape.  

Your Mustache Needs Attention Too 

Your mustache is an important feature as well, so you shouldn’t neglect it. This is where manual trimming comes in – you need a sharp pair of scissors that will enable you to trim your nose hair and keep it neat. 

Your Nutrition Plays a Big Role 

If you’re struggling with growing a beard, chances are you’ve seriously neglected one thing – your nutrition. If you want to have a strong beard, it’s important that you eat enough proteins, healthy fats, and vitamins – B3, B5, and B6 to be precise. Therefore, make sure that your meals are properly balanced, and that they fit your beard goals.

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