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Secrets Only the Most Stylish Men Know

You see them on magazine covers and flooding your Instagram feed, as they seamlessly transition from one seasonal Dior suit straight into a lightweight linen shirt that cannot possibly go out of style. Some of them are as quirky and strange as Johnny Depp, while others take a rugged Tom Hardy approach, but they all seem to have one thing in common: they are damn flawless, and this is what we can learn from them.

Men who mind their step 

Don’t underestimate the power a decent pair of shoes has in salvaging an otherwise mediocre outfit. You’d be surprised how much this one aspect of your look matters in leaving the right impression, and they are often the pivotal element that defines the entire ensemble. Go for shoes that will outlast any seasonal fad, both in the quality of their making, and the aesthetics that make them simple to pair with everything you own. No matter if you’re a jeans guy, or a lover of chinos, if you stick with lumberjack shirts or prefer them crisp white - a Derby shoe, for instance, can give any combo a perfect finish.

Timeless over trendy  

Of course, there will always be season-worthy pieces that will tempt you into updating your wardrobe, and this noble goal will sometimes be perfectly justifiable. However, with all due respect for the Matrix-inspired leather coats that will be in for the upcoming autumn and winter months, there are certain items that will stand the test of time no matter the latest fads. A pair of classic Levi’s jeans, a clean white shirt, a fitted blazer in a darker tone and a sleek coat make a far wiser investment for a look that cannot fade in time. There are other classics that can make a fine addition to your wardrobe, just make sure they resonate with your character, and don’t fear going outside of your comfort zone every once in a while.

Details that make a man 

Ladies may have their statement earrings or pendant necklaces, but a man of style knows how to rock his own set of accessories depending on the occasion. In addition to the suit staples such as your favourite tie or pocket square, you can play around with a whole array of other additions that will elevate your look. If you look at the Aussie style guru Roger Shamoun in one of his impeccable suits, you’ll most likely first notice other aspects of his look, like a prominent pair of sunglasses. Then again, a rugged but classy wrist watch can go a long way in boosting your appearance. Simply put, you cannot go wrong with both items, so keep them handy whenever you’re styling for an outing.

Grooming matters  

No Harvey Specter approved power suit or a smart pair of boots can undo the damage of a poorly done beard and hair trim, let alone the entire lack of personal hygiene. To that end, it would be an understatement of the century to say that how you conduct your basic self-care will be the foundation of your style – and without it, style is not possible to begin with. There’s been so much hype around hipster beards lately that every average Joe has started growing facial hair. That, however, is no way to treat your facial aesthetics, and the best way to move forward is to consider the shape of your face and your entire look before you dive into the beard buzz. Make your hair and skin essentials suitable for your needs, and no, there is nothing more alpha than a male with a set of teeth to outshine the stars.

Discover the power of tailors 

In case you wouldn’t mind owning robes worthy of Valhalla, then by all means, look no further than Chris Hemsworth and his own take on contemporary comfort. We’ve seen him dressed in many a sleek tailored suit, and enough minimalist coats to know that he means business when he opens up his wardrobe. However, in his own words, it’s about having a great tailor, and he should know, since he can rarely find a store suit that fits him perfectly. In addition to finding fabrics that keep you comfortable in all weather conditions, you should pay close attention to how these carefully-selected pieces fit you. If the sleeves are too tight, the waist too wide, or the jacket doesn’t fall neatly over your shoulders, you need a trusted tailor in your phonebook who knows your preferences and never fails to make a piece fit you well.

The wardrobes of stylish gents are works of art that all of us mere mortal men wish to snatch away to somehow achieve that godly status. However, it takes a keen eye for detail and appreciation for the fine art of fashion to know what will make your style spotless – so let’s do our best to learn from the best in the game.


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