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How to Wear Suits in Summer

Summer is here! This means longer days and greater evenings and parties. Nonetheless, most of us still need to work during the best season of the year. This leads to the question of what to wear in the summer heat without melting like an ice cube. Off course you want to retain a sense of style whilst doing so. So, we've put together a guideline on how you can dress stylishly during the summer months without breaking into a sweat. Summer suits have certain attributes that are less important in usual suits such as being lightweight and breathable. Summer suits are also a great opportunity to break free from boring styles and to get a fresh new look in your wardrobe.

Suitable fabrics 

There are a few suitable materials like linen or open woven polyester. Both options have different characteristics and advantages. Linen is the most breathable and light material, whereas open woven polyester is a more powerful material and doesn’t show wrinkles and sweat as fast as linen does. Polyester suits can still look classy and have the added advantage that they are machine washable. Short-sleeved suits are even better at beating the heat too.

Difference between short sleeved and long-sleeved suits 

Both versions have their advantages; long-sleeved suits are always a better choice for formal events, whereas short-sleeved suits are better for summer weddings and more informal events. If long sleeved suits are made out of linen or other breathable materials, it can also be worn during hot days. Nonetheless, a short-sleeved suit will be a lot more pleasant during very high temperatures.

Suitable occasions for summer suits 

Every occasion in the hot season is great for a stylish summer suit. Summer suits can be worn at the office, weddings, horse races, festivals and many more. They can be combined with your favourite sneakers and do not require formal footwear like standard suits. If you wear a short-sleeved suit, consider buying some invisible socks to get the perfect summer look. Be sure that you can impress more girls in a suit like this rather than wearing a boring shirt.

Popular colours and patterns for summer suits 

Summer suits are available in almost every imaginable colour and pattern. Varying from loud Hawaiian themed suits to simple solid coloured suits. It depends on the occasion and personal preference which suit you will want to wear. Nonetheless, black might not be the best colour for outside activities in the burning sun. Every colour or pattern that works with your usual suits or shirts will also look good as a summer suit. Summer suits are a nice opportunity to try out new things and spice up your wardrobe.

Different styles of summer suits 

There are many different styles of summer suits. Some are made to look as equal to a standard suit as possible and some try out new styles and are rather informal. OppoSuits offers summer suits with an informal approach for example. They have a variety of different crazy designs and also offer short-sleeve versions. Ranging from solid coloured suits to Hawaiian suits. Depending on the occasion, a stylish red or pink summer suit can be a good choice. For men who like to take their summer attire to the next level, a colourful pineapple or jungle print can do the trick.

OppoSuits offers a pineapple themed suit called Shineapple, which looks very cheerful and instantly creates a tropical atmosphere. What is the first food you think of during summer? Ice cream, right? For this reason, they've also created the Iceman suit, which is a light blue suit covered in popsicles. Even more tropical is the Flaminguy suit, which has a colourful print of flamingos in clear blue water and palm trees and makes you feel like you're on a vacation. Their Juicy Jungle suit also offers a unique look, which came straight from the jungle. The suit is covered in big leaves and will be the ultimate preparation for your urban adventures. The last suit of this collection is called Tropicool and is definitely the most discreet suit of this list. It is a pink suit covered in palm trees. You just have to keep in mind that the most important thing is that you need to feel comfortable and you will automatically look more confident as a result.

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