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Travel and Sample the World of Beer

Whether your beer-sipping preference is slipping off to the pub after work for a drink with colleagues or kicking back on a sun lounger beneath a parasol on a tropical island, there is no shortage of styles, flavours and types of beer to suit any occasion or location, no matter what mood you’re in. If you’re keen on a crisp craft offering, or salivating for a sturdy stout, Holiday Hypermarket has put together this fun, interactive local beers of the world map that features a sample of the incredible variety of beer produced from countries and regions from all over the globe.

Forget the idea that all beer is the same, and explore this broad collection of lagers, IPAs, stouts and more, and spark your beer-loving imagination with this comprehensive guide. Ian Crawford of Holiday Hypermarket says: "A lot of Brits love to sample the local beer in the sun while enjoying a well-earned holiday. So, if beer is your thing, there's a whole world out there to discover while away, and this map is a fun and interactive way to get exploring before you go."

If you’re tempted by a beer that’s steeped in tradition, why not try a Spaten Oktoberfest? Originating from the heart of the world-renowned beer-producing city of Munich in southern Germany, this Märzen-style offering from the Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu brewery even shares its name with the infamous beer festival, cementing its position as a beer not to be missed. A malty affair, with its hint of sweetcorn and honey, is sure to satisfy the true beer connoisseur and leave you wanting more – especially if you’re taking it on in its rightful glass – the iconic stein! Heading further afield to a land perhaps less associated with beers, Lion Stout from Sri Lanka, boasts a rich, malty flavour with intense overtones of roasted coffee and sweet chocolate. This exotic offering with a difference is not for the faint-hearted, with an ABV of 8.8%, a high number matching the impressive high altitude at which it’s brewed – 1,000 metres feet above sea level!

If it’s a lighter option you’re after, you may prefer a trip across the Atlantic to the laid-back beaches of Brazil, where you can kick back in the soft sand of Copacabana with a bottle of Brahma. This gentle, mild lager slips down easily, and perfectly complements the relaxed vibes of South America. Let the tantalising tastes and compelling variety of international brewing lure you into an overseas adventure and see how much of a taste of a place you can get through their beer.


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