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Introducing Stay Fine Watches

There are just some watches that leap out from the screen. This was truly the case with my introduction into the world of Stay Fine watches. You don't hear of too many watches that hail from NYC. There's certainly a few peppered around LA and Detroit that I could mention, but today I want to focus on Stay Fine Watches. The founders Paul and Vincent have tapped into a very healthy sub-genre of minimalist wood watches and on first glance, it looks like they've cooked up something really special.

After rounds of prototyping and testing, Stay Fine Watches have released their first collection, Urban Timber, featuring iconic timepieces with clean and classic designs for both men and women. The Urban Timber (sounds like the next Dwayne Johnson movie) has been inspired by the founder’s homeland of NYC, taking the blend of an elevated greenway built on disused railroad tracks that stretches across the NYC High Line. The Urban Timber is looking to incept the luxury wood watches movement with its even grained wood dial, composed from a selection of some of the most exotic woods currently on the market.

The High Line
The High Line

African Blackwood: The African Blackwood AKA the 'Holy Grail' of tonewood and chosen by prominent custom guitar builders such as Kevin Ryan to give their guitars a powerful yet crisp sound. 


Brazilian Rosewood: Brazilian Rosewood is highly desirable and exceptionally rare. It has earned worldwide fame because of its sweet aroma (similar to roses) and decay resistance. It's used on the finest Bentley cars, Steinway pianos and Martin guitars.


The details 

The movement is Swiss, and a good thing to note or parlay to fellow admirers is that it features the Swiss Ronda movement. The very same movement that makes a $1500 Gucci watch tick. Although be sure to check the brand on the watch of the person you're telling this to. If they're wearing said brand you'll run the risk of ruining his night with that kind of information. The glass dome is a scratch-resistant sapphire glass cut by diamond and embedded in a sleek convex watch case. The vegetable-tan Italian leather strap will age authentically and is equipped with a spring release bar for convenience. As Q would say to James Bond, 'all in all, rather stocked'.


We'd love to hear your thoughts on Stay Fine Watches. Can you see yourself wearing this as a dress watch? An everyday watch? Do luxury wood watches have a place at Baselworld? Leave us a comment in the box below. Stay Fine are currently doing a short summer blowout sale with limited quantities, selling their watches with free worldwide shipping for only $79 down from $149.


Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, writer for the Metro Online, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own MenswearStyle podcast show.

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