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The Top Summer Daytime and Evening Men’s Fragrances

Let us introduce a guy who knows a lot about fragrances. Nick from The Scented Gent gives us an insight with his passion in the discovery of new fragrances and the never-ending search for the perfect scent. We have no doubt that you all have outfits for every occasion, and we put it to you that maybe it's time you gave your fragrance the same consideration. Just as with clothing, there's fragrances to match every weather condition, time of year, or even time of day. Perhaps a fresh aquatic fragrance for the weekend by the sea, or a citrus scent for a week in the med.

If you're anything like Nick, you love a bit of knitwear in winter, but you may not have experienced the delights of a few strategically placed sprays of fragrance to the chest that radiate through the neck of your jumper throughout the day. Fragrances aren't always about how you smell to others, the right scent can stay close to the skin, just for you, all day long. We've all been guilty (sometimes) of having one fragrance, (most likely a present) that becomes your 'Swiss army knife' scent - One fragrance for all occasions! However, you're now readers of MenswearStyle and things are about to change. We're enjoying an incredible British summer, so here's Nick’s picks of the best mens perfumes to cover you for all occasions.

Acqua di Parma - Colonia Pura (Daytime) 

A modern take on a classic. With dominant notes of bergamot, orange, white musk, coriander and narcissus. I've long been a fan of the Colonia line, with the classic Colonia from 1916, to the many great flanker releases. Acqua di Parma are moving in a fresh direction with Colonia Pura; their take on a fragrance to suit the modern man, whilst not forgetting their heritage. Colonia Pura opens as you may well expect, a fresh citrus hit of bergamot and orange; any fans of the line will feel right at home. Moving into the mid you get a touch of coriander, along with the floral and aromatic notes of jasmine and narcissus. Whilst the jasmine offers a familiar feel, the narcissus brings an interesting element to the blend. There's a mineral like accord, that I believe is coming from the narcissus. It has earthy quality, that even moves towards icy at times to my nose. As the fragrance dries down, the base notes of patchouli and cedarwood shine through, offering a warm woody base. White musk completes the note line-up, which dances throughout all stages of the fragrance. Colonia Pura certainly isn't the best performing fragrance from the house, but as I've said before; there's a fragrance for every occasion. There are occasions for loud fragrances and making a statement, but sometimes you just want to be understated. With modern life consisting of mostly indoor situations, this fragrance could be worn year-round and for any occasion since it truly is a versatile scent. Acqua di Parma are embracing their history but moving in a modern new direction. It's exciting to see where they go from here.

Acqua di Parma
Acqua di Parma

Profumum Roma - Antico Caruso (Evening) 

With notes of almond, orange blossom, lemon, sandalwood and amber. On initial spray, this is familiar! I got a recognisable comparison with both Le Male and Reflection Man; this fragrance is smooth and powdery. So, let's get specific; Antico Caruso opens with a bright lemon and a buttery smooth almond note. At around the 5-minute mark the lemon begins to subside and the orange blossom and sandalwood step forward. I'm used to sickly sweet orange blossom notes, but this is soft, and subtlety used. Sandalwood of course works perfectly with the almond to continue to buttery smoothness. This is how the fragrance stays for around an hour, then the almond note diminishes and the whole scent becomes powdery and quite masculine in the 'barbershop' style. Finally, there's an amber accord that lingers throughout the scent, but comes into its own in the deep dry down. This is a smooth and comforting scent, the type that envelopes you and offers great whiffs throughout the evening.

Profumum Roma
Profumum Roma

Bleu de Chanel Parfum (If you can only have one fragrance) 

With dominant notes of sandalwood, cedar, lemon zest, lavender and geranium. I've long been a huge proponent of Bleu de Chanel - being the most versatile designer release on the market - it works in every season and for many occasions. The EDT performs on skin like few fragrances do, it has room filling projection and lasts 10+ hours with ease. Then came the EDP, a more rounded and refined experience, that still retains what we loved about the EDT. Now comes the Parfum, further refining the scent into a more mature and personal experience. I liken it to the same song played at different volumes, whilst turning it up loud certainly makes an impact, you'll be far from relaxed and lose some intricate details. Bleu de Chanel Parfum takes the scent we all know so well in a dark and mysterious direction, with less emphasis on the citrus and a rich combination of sandalwood and cedar. Gone is the grapefruit and incense combination of the EDT and EDP, replaced by lemon zest, giving a touch of tart sharpness to the beautiful combination of sandalwood and cedar. Lavender gives a smooth elegance to the scent, whilst geranium adds a touch of floral spice. If you're after a big performing fragrance, then I'd certainly look at the EDT, as the Parfum very much stays close to the skin. If you're looking for a more intimate and mature experience, I encourage you to seek out the Parfum, the scent of my younger years has all grown up.

Bleu de Chanel
Bleu de Chanel

I know, I said that you should aspire to own more than just one fragrance, but if you must have just one, then Bleu de Chanel has you covered. I hope these fragrance choices give you some inspiration to expand your own collection, have a great smelling summer!

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