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Introducing Peper Harow London Socks

To most people, socks are nothing more than an afterthought. Something that, as time goes on, is starting to change (as it should). Many of us have spent years buying the cheapest pairs of socks we could find, because socks aren't fashion... right? Socks are just socks... right? Wrong. With growth for luxury men's fashion set to overtake women's fashion in the coming years, it only stands to reason that our opinions need to change on socks being an afterthought because, yes, something so small can complete an outfit, or make it clash so horribly you’d make news headlines.

With Summer gone and Autumn almost here, now is your chance to update your complete wardrobe and we'd like to highlight our favourite pairs of socks for the season - saying goodbye to the warmth and sunshine of summer, yet still staying warm in colour with the contrasting ambers, reds and oranges of Autumn leaves, and a small throwback to the brightness of spring and summer with a truly memorable design we all recognise.

No matter your preference in colour, your outfit choice, or your interest in fashion, Peper Harow London socks are some of the best socks you could wear. This, as all things opinion, is subjective, but if you’re looking for a wide range of colours, quirky designs, and sock styles, then read on and enjoy a part of men’s fashion that while just as important, is often looked past or ignored completely.

The Square Polka collection, a timeless classic reimagined, highlights the vibrant colours of the season to come; the muted oranges, browns and reds, while keeping in mind the green of the summer leaves that are slowly transforming. It wouldn't be a Peper Harow London sock if it didn't have that unique and quirky addition of the multi-coloured square polka surrounding the ankle and calf. Another classic renewed, the Pin Stripe, with it’s elegant stripe coursing down the socks, these rich and vibrant classics are a must-have for the gentleman with class. In a variety of contrasting colours, from cream and burgundy to light grey and black, the heat may be waning, but any worthwhile outfit would be incomplete without these socks.

If you’re more of a plain kind of man, or are new to the fashion world, or are even worried about colours clashing in your outfit, Peper Harow London has something for everyone, namely, the Burgess collection. As regal as the name sounds, these cotton socks are quirky enough for those just starting their journey of style while being plain enough that even the most conservative of dress code rules wouldn’t be broken. With a choice of blue and burgundy with a green sole, red and cream, or orange, red and black, there’s a pair here for every gentleman out there. For the slightly more adventurous gentleman out there, the Big Diamond collection, with its solid and striped diamond, coalescing at their points, add a lovely contrast between the orange, green or blue of the socks and the grey of the diamond. While still a solid, plain colour, these cotton men’s socks are a luxurious alternative to the relatively simple – yet still vibrant – Burgess collection.

And finally, the stunning Pin Polka; these socks are some of the best sellers, and you can see why. No matter what your preference in style or outfit, polka dots will always be a classic. From light blue with navy dots, to burgundy with light blue dots, these socks are a great look for the boardroom, office, or family barbecue and it’s not often luxury socks are as versatile without affecting quality. For the dapper gentleman, these luxurious socks, made right here in England, are a marvel of comfort and style. Made from the famed Egyptian cotton or renowned Pima cotton, you will definitely feel the superb quality each time you put a new pair on.

If you’re looking for a new style without sacrificing comfort, or if you're looking to coordinate your style with the beauty of Mother Nature and are lacking that final piece befitting the majesty of Autumn colours, look no further, because you've found it in Peper Harow London.

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