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How to Look Stylish in a Corporate Environment

Working in a corporate environment means following rules and staying within the norms, but that doesn’t mean you cannot pay attention to the way you look; instead, you should. It is not a secret that how you dress for work affects your confidence levels and, eventually, your performance. You may not be able to be experimental or to try new styles when dressing for work, but you can still look stylish and sleek. The key here is to dress to impress. These next few tips and tricks will help you look stylish when you work in a corporate environment.

Start with What’s Appropriate 

The first thing you want to do is understand how to dress appropriately. Depending on where you work, you may be required to dress a certain way. Start-ups, for example, have more relaxed dress codes most of the time. A more mature corporation, on the other hand, may have a more formal code to follow. Knowing how to dress appropriately is a good starting point. Once you know what you need to wear, you can start branching out to improving your look and finding the right fashion pieces that will help you look sharp for work.


Wear Items That Fit Perfectly 

Another important tip to keep in mind is choosing fashion pieces that fit perfectly. A perfect fit changes the way a piece looks on you entirely. The last thing you want is to be wearing a shirt that is two sizes too big for you, especially when you want to look professional. You can always find pieces that flatter the natural shape of your body no matter what kind of look you want to pull off. Shirts, jackets, trousers, even ties need to match your size nicely in order to produce that sharp and sleek look you’re aiming for. 

Shoes Matter 

One department where you can go wild a bit is the shoes you pair with the rest of the look. We're not talking about wearing sneakers (or worse, sandals) to work. We're talking about finding shoes that help shape your look and enhance it to a whole new level. The men's Chelsea Boots by Dune London are perfect examples of how the right shoes really matter. These boots are designed to offer the perfect balance between comfort and look. You can easily wear the pair of your choice with any formal or semi-formal attire and instantly look stunning for work.

Gieves & Hawkes
Gieves & Hawkes

Mind the Accessories 

Another thing you don’t want to do is pair the sleek look you worked so hard to achieve with a sporty, school backpack. No matter how well you dress for work, choosing the right accessories to go along with the look is still very important. There is no shortage of bags and accessories you can add to your look. In the case of backpacks, for example, you can choose one that looks more formal and subtle rather than go for a casual backpack and ruin your look. It is even better to stick with the more neutral leather messenger bag. Another important accessory to add is a wristwatch. The watch you wear says a lot about who you are. For work, you want a nice dress watch, or an aviator that isn’t too complicated. Avoid knockoffs and go with alternative brands like Seiko or Orient instead. 

Refine and Refine Some More 

One last thing to remember about dressing for a corporate environment is the fact that it is an ongoing thing. You can look absolutely perfect on some days and not too sharp on others. Don’t let that get you down. Continue refining the look until you find one that makes you feel confident, ready for challenges, and comfortable at the same time.

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