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4 Tips for Setting A Great First Impression

In the modern business world, setting a good first impression for your new work, meeting a new client or even just your old school friend is something you should have on your mind. How you act and how you are dressed is always judged on a first look, even if the person has met you before. For someone new, they instantly have an idea of your personality and style and this can be difficult to change once this first hunch has happened. To make the best first impression, we have put together a few tips below on how you can help improve their thought on you before you have even opened your mouth.

Right Clothes for the Right Occasion  

First of all, you have to dress for the right occasion: if you have a job interview or are meeting a client for the first time, you should dress in business attire, such as two-piece suit. If you turn up in a t-shirt and jeans, this laidback approach does not suggest professionalism and may give the wrong impression before you can speak about your business proposal or reasons for why they should give you the job. It also works in the opposite way as well; if you are seeing a friend over the weekend, wearing a suit for a coffee may be thought as being over the top. It's just simply a case of being aware of what sort of meeting you are going to and dress appropriately.


Have a Bit of Fun with your Clothes  

Even though work is formal and very important, you can still have some fun (within reason) with a few of your accessories, like colourful socks, a polka dot tie, a matching pocket square or a flashy shirt. You need to be able to stand out from the crowd and be noticed for your stylish looks by your peers and colleagues. If you are looking for a great selection of luxury socks for work, look no further than the London Sock Company. They have designer socks in gift boxes available in a range of styles and colours that are perfect to add a little bit of individuality to your daily wear. Made from quality cotton, they are the perfect option for yourself or the man in your life. 

Experiment a Little

As the saying goes ‘Rules are to be broken’. If you are looking to upgrade or wear something a little different, experiment with that suit or shirt that you have always wanted to wear but have not got around to buying or trying on yet. If you’ve always wanted to wear that pinstripe suit or some new cufflinks you saw on the way to work then live a little and buy yourself a little gift. Until you try out that new item, you will not know if it suits you better than your typical attire (or if it does not).

London Sock Company
London Sock Company

Clean and Confident 

Coming across as confident and being clean and well-dressed is the best way to make a good first impression. A trimmed beard, good eye contact and a classy suit are brilliant ways to show off your professionalism and the notion that you mean business and are serious about your ways and words that you are about to say.


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