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How to Quickly Get Defined Abs

You will find lots of advice online about developing a six-pack, but what many of these experts overlook is the way diet can help. You can have the best training program of all, but if your diet is lacking the right foods, your six-pack will not be as defined. Chris from UP a leading body transformation expert in London says that “getting the body you want requires a diet that is structured, consistent and designed to help achieve your body composition goals”. Here are a few quick tips on which food are the best to eat if you want to build muscles. The added bonus of them all is that they are not only good for your body, but they also will help your mental fitness as well.


Proteins are vital as they help build muscle as well as burn body fat. Lean protein is the best, as your body will use more calories to break it down. If you find you are having trouble getting rid of the excess fat, you could use some supplements for losing weight to help it along. There are many perfectly healthy, perfectly safe ones that work really well. If you wonder why athletes and bodybuilders have the best physiques, it is because they have a diet that contains a lot of lean protein, along with foods that give them high energy levels.

Eat Carbs After a Workout 

It is a misconception that all carbs are bad for you. Of course, eating too much of anything will make you gain weight, but stick to the carbs such as natural grains, brown rice and oatmeal as these can be beneficial to your abs, especially when eaten after a workout. This is when they have the least chance of turning to body fat. It happens because carbs eaten after a workout are absorbed directly into your muscles, which helps them to recover faster and will give better results. With each meal, try to include a few carbs with a cup or two of vegetables. Then you will know that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. 

Some Fats Are Healthy  

The fats in nuts, nut butter, fish oils and olive oils are good fats and should be part of your diet. They will not only help you to lose belly fat, but they can assist your body in controlling its insulin levels, ultimately helping to avoid diabetes.


By combining lean proteins with good fats and healthy carbs, you will help to speed up your metabolism and will soon see fat disappearing and being replaced by muscle. These can all help you to get your defined six-pack abs quicker than doing 100 sit-ups or press-ups a day. Of course, a workout at the gym is also required, but you need to get your diet right before you start on any exercises. 

Focus On Your Diet 

Although everyone knows exercise is important if you want to be fit and healthy, it is also essential to focus on your diet. Including plenty of fibre from such foods as vegetables will also help you to maintain a healthy body. Vegetables have loads of vitamins, fibre antioxidants and minerals, which will all help you to build a lean body with a defined six-pack you can be proud of.

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