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The 3 Types of Rolex Watches You Should Know

The timeless style of the Rolex brand has contributed to men’s fashion considerably through the years, with sleek sports references and sophisticated dress watches being a staple on many men’s wrists, past and present. Whether you seek a classy timepiece for business attire or a bold statement piece for exclusive black tie affairs, there is sure to be a Rolex watch on the market to suit your lifestyle.


Hardcore collectors will tell you that part of the appeal of buying a vintage Rolex is the hunt. Many models, such as the Submariner and GMT, offer a large selection of references that vary in degree of rarity and offer many dial, bezel and metal options. Finding the perfect feature set is enough to get any collector excited, but there’s also something to be said about the aesthetic that a vintage watch brings to the table. Early Submariner models featured a rudimentary case, so-to-speak, that was smaller in size than the modern references that are currently on the market and featured a thicker acrylic crystal, narrower lugs, and the lack of crown guards. Date displays and crown guards were added later and the case was increased to 40mm. These slight variations in the model itself give each vintage Submariner immense character and appeal in a way that only a vintage reference can. The Submariner also made several appearances in the James Bond franchise, beginning in the 1960s, further adding to its appeal among collectors in regards to style.


Rolex’s modern line of dress and sports watches is the culmination of decades of evolution. Staying true to an increase in demand for timepieces with a more substantial weight and feel, many of the watches in the Rolex catalogue now feature a broader case, dials with larger markers and hands, rich-hued bezels and solid components, such as solid bracelet links and clasps. The result is a collection of watches that offer a powerful and impressive stance without overtaking the wrist itself. A perfect balance between bold style and comfort, it’s no wonder why so many collectors seek to add at least one contemporary Rolex to their collections. One of the most sought-after modern Rolex is the newest generation of GMT Master II’s, which feature many of the modern upgrades mentioned previously while staying true to the core design of the GMT Master line itself. 


The Rolex dress watch is a staple of many thoughtfully curated watch collections, offering a sophisticated style that is suitable in almost any setting; be it casual, business, or formal. The versatility of a dress watch alone makes it a smart investment as timepieces, such as the iconic Datejust or Oyster Perpetual, have no problem transitioning from a T-shirt and jeans combo to a tuxedo, giving the wearer more bang for their buck. Each dress reference is also backed by the quality and signature Rolex style that collectors crave, making them a must-have for any collection. A popular dress watch on the market is the Rolex Datejust, which always displays a jump date as well as the Rolex logo on its dial and offers classy, unassuming style.

So, whether you’re into vintage Submariners, the modern GMT-Master II, or the all-time classic dress watch, the Datejust, there is certainly a watch for you. Depending on your personal tastes, price, and what you enjoy, these three watches will fulfill that watch craving.


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