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Banish Boring from the Boardroom

How do you define OppoSuits? In the past, the international brand has favoured bold suits, combining novelty with eclectic flair. The brand-new range is a subtler take on the dynamic Dutch founders’ “loud and proud” vision, with arrival of OppoSuits Deluxe bringing a high-end blazer collection to your wardrobe. Since their creation in 2012, OppoSuits has added over 100 styles to their range. This latest expansion adds seventeen new looks across six categories: Christmas, Uniform, Outer Space, Supportswear, Tropical and Retro.

Perfect for the professional who wants to make a statement. The new blazer range is just that, a range; the styles vary from a disco vibe 80s themed blazer, to a more conventional red velvet Dinner Jacket. Whether it’s the office Christmas party, or dress down Tuesday, each Blazer is as versatile as it is unique. Most will work equally well with jeans or suit trousers. With the possible exception of the red and black velvet Dinner Jacket (unless you want to be that guy).

From a distance, you might think it’s hard to see the Opposuits madness. Both the checked Galaxy map and the Captain pinstripe look conventional at a glance. As usual, the devil’s in the detail. The pinstripes are actually Morse code, and the check pattern is a retro radar graph. Each item in the collection comes with an accompanying inner label distinct to each blazer, complimenting the brand’s friendly humour. 

X-mas Icons – Feliz: 'Merry Everything & Happy Whatever' is the message of this sophisticated, deep blue Deluxe blazer. The rich velvet is embroidered with gingerbread (not edible), snowmen and other Christmas icons to bring a festive feel to any event. Attached to the lining of the blazer is a cheat sheet for dinner party etiquette, so you never mix up your dessert spoons again.

Tartan – Warm Wishes: When isn’t tartan in season? This contemporary item does double duty as a stylish winter outfit. Be Nice Be Naughty is the statement stitched into the lining of this piece, as well as a diagram of how to draw the perfect snowman. Because why not…

Dinner Jacket – Winner Winner X-Mas Dinner: There are dinner jackets and there’s Dinner Jacket. Velvet, burgundy and a black shawl lapel. What more does the modern man need? The Deluxe Dinner Jacket comes with a how-to guide on tying the perfect bow tie. This is the real deal, the pinnacle of formalwear, just look at those 4-button cuffs. Ooof!

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